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Watch This Documentary and Change Your Search Engine to a Truly Private One

In the documentary, Made To Measure, one woman’s Google search history is used to tell in details about that woman’s life. An actress plays her, while she watches – often with her jaw falling down. There is a very good reason to change your search engine from Google Search to a private search engine.

When you enter the site you have to agree to being tracked, while you watch. Your activities and answers WHILE you watch will be tracked, and there is a good reason for that, which you will realise at the end of the movie. Do answer all the questions and watch it to the end. The documentary makers did get many more datasets from the women (and from a range of other people) but they chose ONLY the Google Search data set, which makes this movie really scary.

If Made To Measure does not make you want to change search engine from Google Search, there is no more we can do for you. If it does make you think that the current tracking from Google is undermining your autonomy (and humans are autonomous in a democracy) then go to our digital selfdefense guide and chose on or more of various private search engines. Do try them out, and the ones you like, do add it to your browser, so it become your preferred search engine in the future.

Google has been fined massively by the EU for abusing its Android monopoly, and in the wake of that it started an auction regime, so the small private search engines had to pay if they wanted to be a visible search alternative to Google. Google has – after massive criticism – stopped charging for it. It is much better if you, as a search engine user, chose an alternative and you have to do it not only if you use Google’s Chrome, also if you use Safari and Firefox, who take money from Google, so Google Search is the standard search engine.

Google knows more about us that Facebook and many other, I am sure. If you have not seen this Norwegian short video on how Google Maps tracks us, do watch. And by the way, there are alternatives to Google Maps in the guide mentioned above.