Apple Vs. Facebook

Apple is taking another step towards giving users control over their data and obtain privacy. From this spring your iPhone’s IOS will force all apps to ask you to opt in, if you are okay with being tracked. The current … Read More

Googlification Of The Elementary School

Google is about to take over many elementary schools in Europe with its Chromebooks and the app collection in Google Suit for Education. The data monopoly sits on about half of the elementary schools in Denmark, and the second largest … Read More

250 Recommendations on How End Infodemics

The Forum on Information and Democracy has published a report of on how to fix infodemics. Based on more than 100 contributions from international experts, it offers 250 recommendations on how to rein in a phenomenon that threatens democracies and … Read More

Privacy Focused Services Are Gaining Traction

Analysis. Products and services, which try to embed privacy and work ethically responsible with data, are finally progressing. It is uphill to compete with monopoly tech’s convenient and dirt cheap or ‘free’ products, but more and more individuals seem to … Read More

It Is Risky Tracking Your Fertility

Is it okay to participate in the criticized ad tech system, when your service is dealing with such sensitive data as women’s fertility data? For the German-founded privacy-focused start-up Clue, it is a constant balance between being user-friendly and private … Read More

How Telefonica Works With Responsible AI

As with most other telcos, Telefonica is looking for new business models, as their old model is becoming extinguished. Privacy and security is one area, where the Spanish telco is investing and seeing new opportunities. For over a year, it … Read More

The Cookies Arms Race

Blog. When Apple blocked by default all third party cookies in its Safari-browser, Facebook and others made a circumvention and used a first party cookie to track us. Apple is back with an answer to that. The ad tech industry … Read More

Data Democracy – The European Way

Blog. The global AI race has been on for a while. It is about speedy automation, and China and the US are heading in a fierce competition, where human autonomy is secondary to economic growth. China operates as a ‘data … Read More

How China Will Beat the US on AI

Blog. The Chinese Government’s role in China’s tech revolution and application of AI is huge and clever – and according to Kai-Fu Lee, a Chinese-American investor, China will very soon catch up with and possibly surpass the US in artificial … Read More

Techlash: Why Google Is Next

Blog. 2o18 was the year of the techlash. Mainly driven by the revelations of Facebook’s yearlong laissez-faire with personal data and Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of it. Google, however, worries that they are next, and there is a good reason for … Read More

Predictions All Over

Blog. Anything that can be predicted will be predicted. Such were the words in one of many  events in Davos during World Economic Forum 2019. Artificial intelligence, privacy and ethics and data for good use were among the hot topics … Read More

When Data Ethics Reached The Global Agenda

Blog. Report from the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. Big tech, capitalising big on other peoples’ data, were scolded. Others hit the roof talking about saving democracy and humanity. Facebook has at least 11 ways of … Read More

The Cookie Fallacy

Analysis. The most common tool in the most common business model of the Internet, is cookie tracking. Some visionary companies are showing the data ethics way with no cookies or with privacy-by-design cookies, and as users realize how easy it … Read More

How To Fix The Future According to Andrew Keen

Book. Regulation, competitive innovation, social responsibility, worker and consumer choice and education are the five magic bullets on how to solve the current digital trust crisis, according to an excellent book from Andrew Keen; ‘How To Fix the Future’. As … Read More

In 2018 We Can Reclaim Our Data

Analysis. The big data challenge in 2018 in will be to maintain digital trust. In government,  in companies and in each other. In Europe, new groundbreaking privacy rules are in place that ensure the individual’s right to control his own … Read More

May Be We Should Not Digitize Everything

Blog. Should all vulnerable infrastructure, products for babies and children and artificial body parts be digitized and be online in the future? Or are there areas that should not be a 100% digitized? Technological development dictates; digitize. But may be … Read More

Get Cheaper Prices With Privacy Tools

Blog. Some companies have begun to exploiting that individuals have become transparent due to constant tracking of our online behaviour. They feed us with offers and prices, which are more to their own advantage than their customers’. Tools for digital … Read More

Das Netz – A Book On Digitalisation

Book. A new freely available German book looks at all angles of digitalization. Personalized medicine and pricing, AI and algorithms, digitalised education and fitness, open source, a monthly recap of what has happened in Germany in 2017 and a vox … Read More

Experts On The Pros & Cons of Algorithms

Research. As with everything else there are pros and cons when it comes to algorithms. Are the glass half-full or half empty? Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center conducted a large-scale canvassing of technology experts, scholars, … Read More

The Nascent Market for Privacy Tech

Analysis. Wire. Disconnect. Startpage. Protonmail. TomTom. HelloClue. These are all companies which can be categorized as part of a new and growing market for ‘Privacy Tech’ aimed at consumers. Data Gravity, Privacy Perfect, Privacy Cheq and One Trust are part … Read More

Blockchain was hot in Davos

Blog. Blockchain, ethics and AI, robotics and ethics, and a human manifesto. These are some of the take aways took back from a week in January in Davos, where the global elite gathered for World Economic Forum 2017. “The … Read More

View from Wire – A Privacy Tech Start-Up

Not only the address is cool: Rosenthaler Str 40 in Berlin, 6th floor overlooking Hackesche Markt. The product is just as cool: At secure privacy-enhancing messaging and ‘skype’ app called WIRE – free and user-friendly. For Wire, privacy was a … Read More

New Study: When Cool Becomes Creepy

Survey. A new survey from KMPG International investigates when cool become creepy? When does convenient turn into intrusive? Understanding consumers’ sensitivities around the use of their personal data is central to establishing and maintaining trust between consumer and company, KMPG … Read More

Japan Bets on Personal Data Stores

The Japanese Government has decided to test and promote the relatively new concept called Personal Data Stores, where individuals get control over their own data as opposed to the current digital infrastructure with huge data monopolies controlling most personal data. … Read More

The MyData Movement is Unfolding

The ‘MyData Movement’ came off the ground this week in Helsinki. With the conference MyData2016 we are seeing the beginning of a paradigm shift, where corporate control of personal data will begin shifting to individual data control. ‘The Person is … Read More

Tech Can Make or Break Media

News. The lines between tech companies and a media companies are blurring. Media companies rely more and more on tech companies for distribution. Tech giants do like politicians and turn away from critical questions from traditional media, and secretive tech … Read More

Data Ethical Personalization

Blog. Danish companies want to offer more personalized advertising. They are asking for a revision of a payment services act, which is fair enough, as it will ensure fair competition with global services who can use our credit card data … Read More

Whitepaper: Big Data Research Ethics

The Council for Big Data, Ethics and Society has published a whitepaper with recommendations to implement big data research ethics. With the two Danish students from Aarhus University, who released profile data on 70.000 users without permission, in mind this … Read More

Ethical Challenges in Self-Driving Cars

Blog. How will self-driving cars change transportation and our cities, who is to blame in an accident, are they creepy or not. The newspaper Information hosted an exciting event at Science Day, 25.04.2016. Below are selected highlights. Mette Møller, DTU: … Read More

Pay As You Behave is changing Insurance

Analysis. In both Europe and the US insurance companies have started calculating premiums according to how we behave. If we behave ‘properly’, we get a lower premium or even direct payment. It is a great advantage for many, especially the young … Read More

The Hidden Tracking Around Your Wrist

Analysis. Before you buy a wearable to track your health, then check whether you can trust the company behind the gadget. Products for the quantified-self-segment are a lucrative business growing rapidly, because they really are motivating to use. But most … Read More

Intimate Surveillance on the rise

Research: Data collection and analytics have pervaded nearly every sphere of daily life, from commerce to health, from transport to education, to employment. But there is also a rise in intimate surveillance relating to love, romance, and sexual activity. There … Read More

Fitness Trackers Leak Personal Data

Report. Most fitness trackers leak personal data and are not privacy safe. This is one of more results of an investigation of the privacy and security properties of eight popular wearable fitness tracking systems. The Every Step You Fake investigation … Read More

Golden Privacy Moments in Brussels

Blog. CPDP2016 is over. The best conference in Europe on privacy and data ethics took place from Wednesday to Friday – 27th-29th – in Brussels. Below a few highlights, but most of the sessions will be shown here on Youtube … Read More

Privacy By Design In Big Data

Report. The EU ENISA office concludes in the report Privacy By Design in Big Data from December 2015 that there is a need to create common privacy-by-design criteria, to promote privacy-enhancing-technologies  and for common policy enforcement. According to ENISA there … Read More

Guarding and Growing Personal Data Value

Report: Businesses collect massive volumes of data from individuals, using it to personalize customer offerings, innovate products and diversify into new markets. But increasingly customers are concerned about who is doing what with their data. Governments are rewriting the rules … Read More

Microsoft vs US Can Sink Safe Habor

News: The US government is suing Microsoft, because Microsoft won’t give the government access to some emails stores on Microsoft’s Irish servers. The US government won the first round, but within months the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in … Read More

EU’s Personal Data Regulation A Game Changer

News: The new General Data Protection Regulation from the EU, which found a compromise late December, and is expected be finally agreed upon in January 2016, has some good and some bad news. Some of the good: Individuals have clear rights: for example you can demand … Read More

CPDP rules

Event: One of the better privacy conferences is “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection” – CPDP  in January in Brussels every year. It all started with Caspar Bowden, formerly Microsoft, later a highly respected critical observer of data abuse and, unfortunately, … Read More

Privacy is Persistent in 6 Mega Trends

Report. World Economic Forum has identified 6 mega trends. People and the internet. Computing, communications and storage everywhere. The Internet of Things. Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. The sharing economy and distributed trust. And The digitization of matter. Read … Read More

The Ad- and Cookie Blocking Frenzy

Hundreds of millions of users are already blocking ads and cookies today, but it is just be the tip of the iceberg, claims Frederic Filoux in his always great column Monday Note. “The ad blocking picture in even more startling … Read More

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