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Examples of previous News Letters from DataEthics.EU:

Newsletter, December 2021

  • How the BBC Works With Ethical Personalisation
  • Morality is Human
  • Data, AI & Power: We Need a New Grand Narrative
  • Today We are Laughing, Tomorrow We are Challenged (Androids)
  • EU Regulators Could Use the Same Tricks as Big Tech
  • A Data Democracy is Shared Responsibility

Newsletter, April 2021

  • PhD:Data Ethics of Power – A Human Approach to Big Data and AI
  • Report: Online Games Gamble With Childrens’ Data
  • What Does It Mean To Be Human
  • Emotion Recognition Tech Can Be Used For Good and For Bad
  • China’s Social Credit System Anno 2021 Is Fragmented
  • The Hallelujah of Dataism
  • DPIA: Not Possible To Use Google Workspace Legally?
  • A Huge Bunch of People Work on Alternative Data Governance Models


Newsletter, September 2020

  • Privacy and Ethics-Focused Services Are Gaining Traction
  • Can AI and FinTech Reverse Wealth and Income Inequality?
  • From Trained Birds to Dove Drones & Ethical Implications
  • Children Left Out Of Many National AI Strategies
  • Europe Still Needs to Deliver on Its “Trustworthy AI Agenda”
  • Children Are Too Vulnerable for Social Media Suicides
  • Monopoly Update: Are Regulators In The US Really Doing Something?
  • Good Reads

Newsletter, May 2020

  • Contact Tracing Apps are Not Just a Privacy Tech Issue. It’s a Question about Power
  • Proctoring: How in Times of Crisis, Student Surveillance Becomes a Real Option
  • How Google Keeps Publishers On A String
  • A Webinar in Graphic Recording
  • Naomi Klein: Terrifying read in the Intercept

Newsletter, February 2020

  • How A ‘Smart’ Dutch Neighbourhood Went From ‘Pay Your Rent With Data’ to What Looks Like Ethics – But Questions Remain
  • EU’s Digital, AI and Data Strategy lacks ambition on ethics and Trustworthy AI
  • IKEA Promises Big on Data Ethics and Privacy
  • We Can Talk About Ethical Design Till The Cows Come Home – Now It’s Time To Act
  • Why We Need to Make (Attempts of) De-Anonymisation Illegal
  • Ethics in Silicon Valley
  • Good Reads

Newsletter, November 2019:

  • German Data Ethics Commission: Safeguarding Digital Sovereignty of Europe is Ethical Responsibility
  • Dutch Ethics Expert: Why Do You Accept Mass Surveillance in Denmark?
  • The UN Warns Against Digital Welfare Dystopia
  • A Data Democracy Is A Slow Compromise. Highlights from Data Ethics Forum 2019
  • Pro and Cons in Blockchain-based Voting System
  • Danish Companies Behind Seal for Digital Responsibility
  • Good Reads

Newsletter, June 2019:

  • New EU Guidelines on AI and Ethics are Actionable
  • In a Data Democracy Individuals Control Their Own Data
  • Making Sense of Data Ethics in European Policy-making
  • The UK Takes The Lead on Protecting Children’s Privacy Online
  • The Ethical Dilemmas in Ageing Science are Accumulating

Newsletter, February, 2019:

BLOG. Techlash: Why Google is Next
ANALYSIS: If We Lose Touch, We Lose Humanity
NEWS: UK Gov Report: Micro-targeting Is Manipulation
NEWS: Germany Takes Step to Stop Surveillance Business Model
NEWS: Location Stalking Can Give You Higher Prices
RESEARCH: US Experience With Predictive Policing and ‘dirty data’: Treat it With Skepticism

Newsletter, May, 2018:

News: Data Ethics Is Paying Off For French Insurance Company
Blog: Data Protection Law Is Not For Children in 10 EU States
Blog: A Video Service that is Truely Private – Jitsi Meet
News: From Own World: We Comply With GDPR. Get A Free PDF Copy of DataEthics – The New Competitve Advantage
Blog: The Playwall: Pay for News With Your Data
Events: Work-in-progress program for the 2nd European Data Ethics Forum in September

Newsletter from 20th December 2017:
Blog:Platforms Refrain From Responsibility Towards Use of Child Data
News: German Anti-Trust Authority: Facebook Abuses Its Dominant Position
Research: GDPR Does Entail a Right to Explanation
News: Practical Ethics: 11 Standards for Engineering Ethics into Intelligent Systems
Testimony: Commercial Tracking of Individuals Has Reached a New Creepy Level
Research: New Roles and Responsibilities in the Governance of Digital Technologies
GOOD HOLIDAY READS from Wired, Gizmodo, The Intercept and Canadian Lawyer

Newsletter from 18th April 2017
Analysis: Preparing for the GDPR – Data Protection vs. Data Security
Blog: Data Ethics is Embedded in Apple’s Business Culture News: New EU rules for the ethical and legal status of robots and AI
News: How Uber Uses Behavioral Science to Manipulate Drivers
Research: From Consent to Data Control By Design
Report: ICO: It Is Not About Big Data Versus Data Protection
Blog: The Data Industry is Draining its Own Fundament with no Sustainability
Event: The First European DataEthics Forum 29th Sept in CPH

Newsletter from 17th March 2017
Analysis: Human rights are at stake when we cross borders
Blog: How many private search engines can you mention
Research: Experts on the Pros and Cons of Algorithms
Research: The Taking Economy
Blog: A call for responsible use of data

Newsletter from 26th October 2016
Blog: Privacy Is For The Rich – In The Beginning
Report: PIMS Can Support Data Protection Principles
News: Governments Grapple With Regulation of AI in Cars
News: With Dataism Humanism Faces An Existential Challenge
News: Japan Bets On Personal Data Stores
News: Ethical Implications of IoT Need Focus

Newsletter from March 8th 2016
Analysis: The Hidden Tracking Around Your Wrist
News: Is Your Smartphone Listening In?
News: Safe Harbour 2.0: Privacy Shield
News: Consumers Not Only Worry About Privacy. They Act
Survey: Declining Trust in Mobile Operators
Research: Robots Read Books to Become Like Humans

Newsletter from February 14th 2016
Analysis: Ethics and trust are key parameters. Now to the how
News: Intimate Surveillance On The Rise
News: Fitness Trackers Leak Personal Data
News: Microsoft vs US Can Sink Safe Harbor
Blog: Data Ethics Needed In Algorithms
Blog: Golden Privacy Moments In Brussels

Newsletter from January 19 2016:
Analysis: Public Institutions Clean Their Websites For Tracking Cookies
News: The Fourth Industrial Revolution at World Economic Forum
News: Microsoft vs US Can Sink Safe Harbour
Report: Guarding and Growing Personal Data Value