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Takeouts from Websummit in Dublin

Nicole Sell of WICKR, a truely privaty app, was a huge name on Websummit in Dublin 2015
Nicole Sell of WICKR, a private chat app, was a huge name on Websummit in Dublin 2015

Blog: Eric Salamar from Kantar: Companies, who find big data easiest, are new companies with no legacy. Those who have one login and have a direct relationship with their customers are better off but legacy companies are coming along …… What is new in marketing using data: We are increasingly able to follow content and people across platforms and how they engage, where they watch, how they consume and how they engage …. Nestle has a ‘war room’ (w 10-12 people) in China and we provide them w tweets, ecommerce activity etc, and they use it to be ready if anything is coming up like a food scandal, how should the customer call center be ready etc. they have a physical studie there if necessary!

Oren Frank of  Facebook and Instagram will soon be the new cigarettes! the growth of Instagram and eating disorders are completely similar and there is no coincidence. We need to take care of especially our children.

Ebbe Altberg of Linden Lab (Second Life): 60 mio dollars was cashed out of Second Life last year. In Second Life people can explore their true identity. Some have no limbs and try that, others are just not comfortable in the real world. I believe this will create empathy in real life, when you have a chance of being someone else. We tested people cutting down trees in the virtual world and others not cutting down trees and those who cut it down, ended up consuming less paper in the real world.

Rana el Kaliouby of Affectiva: We take every facial action movement and convert it to signals, so we map facial expressions to understand how people react to content We can catch deep unconscious emotions. We can predict voting preferences. We will give social robots social and emotional skills. We don’t detect mood of a crowd, as we cannot get peoples’ consent. Everything we do is opt in and data is kept on the device.

Tim Budden, DataSift: Most people are talking in confidentiality online, and we need to find a balance to use that without violating peoples’ privacy. We analyse social data but in an aggregated and anonymised way.

Heather Brunner, CEO of WP Engine: The safe harbour ruling was really big news for us. It has created a lot of demand from our customers saying; I want my data in my country

Julia Powles of the Guardian:  We have to adapt US style free speech, global companies operating in one language, this is also protectionism, this is also global colonial infrastructure.

David Galbraith, Anthemis Group: As a company you have to chose between living up to the US anti money laundering laws of or the EU personal data laws. You have to break either….. I don’t want to live in San Francisco anymore. This is the result of the values of Silicon Valley. We need top shape up on European values.

Zane Zavalishina of We made an experiment with bankers’ data. What was best. The data they already had. Or the data they already had enriched with social data? The latter was not worth it.

Brad Brooks of TigerText : We have north of 250.000 users. TigerText is a confidential health app for enterprises and health care systems. We have end-to-end encryption and dont store data and you can make messages disappear after 10 sek or up to 30 days.

Michal Lee of MyFitnessApp. We wanted to grade food. An F for chocolate cookies and A for broccoli. But users did not like it. They don’t want an app that make them feel bad …… People tend to quit their exercise when on vaccation. So how do we best get them back afterwards; using their pets’ names is very efficient.

Cicso’s Adam Grennan: 60% of humans live at 2% of the space on the earth and use 75% of the ressources. You have to make the city smart. You have to build in security in IoE (Internet of Everything) from the start.