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Cool Keynotes and Company Cases on DataEthics at Forum in Copenhagen

EVENT. The woman who is fighting Facebook. The man who is fighting Google. A bunch of privacy and data ethics focused startups and companies. And a wonderful international network of humans who are interested in using personal data in an ethically responsible way to better lives of humans and democratic societies. These are the ingredients of the 2nd European Data Ethics Forum in Copenhagen 28th September 2018. We hope to see you there.

On June 5th 2018, the European Court of Justice ruled in a case concerning the use of ‘fan pages’ on Facebook. The Court found that an organisation that collaborates with Facebook by allowing Facebook to place cookies not only processes personal data, but is also jointly responsible with Facebook. The ruling has big consequences.

And the woman behind the case against Facebook is Marit Hansen, Data Protection Commissioner for Schleswig-Holstein. She will give a keynote at the conference with insights on how she won this case, but she will also talk about how Germany advises public and private companies on data protection and data ethics when it comes to Internet of Things and Smart Cars/Smart Cities.

On April 4th 2018, the US public media NPR wrote a story with the headline “The Paris Lawyer Who Gives Google Nightmares.” The long portrait describes how Dan Shefet obtained an order from a French court directing Google to stop highlighting a defamatory websites in search results for his name made by a vengeful client of his. This was the beginning of the birth of The Right to Be Forgotten as he went to the French court and won. Google faced a fine of $1,200 a day, or obey. The company obeyed. “Shefet’s victory signaled just how easy it might be to make the tech titan bend to one’s will,” writes NPR. Meet Dan Shefet in Copenhagen 28th as the second keynote.

The third keynote is physics professor Steen Rasmussen with a grand vision for Europe in the data age. He is a Center Director of University of Southern Denmark and external research professor at Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, and he just won the Lifetime Achivement Award from the International Society for the ALIFE2018 Beyond AI conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from the 3 amazing keynotes we have 7 amazing ‘cases’ showing how to work with data ethics and privacy. They are all role models – from startups to corporates – and are paving the way for a new business model and infracstructure on the internet where individuals are at the center and in control of their own data and lives. Finally, you can meet cool people from The Danish DPA.

By the way, the conference is sponsored by 4 cool companies; Mozilla, Edulab, Findx and Dubex.

Come meet the all in Copenhagen.

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