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Future Human Is Fascinating and Scary

News. “Three-person babies. Extreme biohacking. Outposts on Mars. Cheating death. The changing nature of life as we know it. The future portends to be amazing (and terrifying), and it’s right around the corner.” This is how Medium is selling its July theme Future Human where the digital news media reports on a whole range of interesting facts and scary scenarios in the development of humans.

There’s a story about a startup, Habit, that will use your DNA to predict which diet is best if you want to lose weight and have a better health. There are the rich people who are throwing money at death – innovative startup trying to make us live forever – the radical life extension movement. The moral queasiness around sex robots is another issue, and eight trends that will revolutionize how we live such as hyper-personalized machine learning skincare, micro-dosing LSD and drug research with organ chips.

Definitely a must read to prepare for how to continue the destruction of the human race – or find ways to safe it.

Read the whole theme here