European Data Ethics Forum 2018

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With Marit Hansen, Dan Shefet, AdBlockPlus, Tresorit, Silo, EduLab, Axa, The Playwall and Steen Rasmussen. See the full agenda as PDF here: AGENDA-18pdf


Speakers bio:

Marit Hansen, who's Data Protection Commissioner for Schleswig-Holstein (who's the main lead behind this interesting ruling from the European Court of Justice, who makes companies with a Facebook page jointly responsible for Facebook's data behavior) and a very respected speaker and participant in EU privacy law, will talk about how Germany advises public and private companies on data protection and data ethics when it comes to Internet of Things and Smart Cars/Smart Cities.

Dan Shefet is a French lawyer, who's won a groundbreaking case on the right to be forgotten against Google, and Individual Specialist to UNESCO. He holds a Philosophy Degree and a Law Degree from the University of Copenhagen (he is born in Denmark). Specialized in European Law, Competition Law as well as Human Rights in general and in the IT environment in particular, he participates in conferences in academic venues on IT Law, Data Privacy and Human Rights on the internet. In 2014 he founded the Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy (AAID) the main objective of which is to introduce a general principle of accountability on the internet in order to secure the protection of human integrity. He will talk about how he's giving Google nightmares.

Laura Sophien Dornheim is head of communications at eyeo GmbH, a German company behind AdblockPlus and Flattr. AdblockPlus is used by over half a billion users worldwide to block ads, tracking cookies and viruses, and Flattr, working out of Sweden, is building a system where creators of content can be compensated. Dr Laura Sophie Dornheim will talk about eyeo from a data ethical/privacy angle. What are eyeo's values, how are their products designed and their organisation built on these values. How do they see the consumer reactions evolve in the existing internet business model based on tracking ads. Laura has a background in business management and computer science, is a doctor of philosophy, a candidate for the German Parliament for Die Grünen and a feminist.

Istvan Lam. CEO of Tresorit, a cloud encryption company with 10.000+ business customers. As an advocate of privacy & human rights, a cryptographer, computer scientist and entrepreneur, he was featured on Forbes Europe’s 30 Under 30 in Technology list as an inspiring young leader in technology. He earned his MSc degree with highest honors at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). As a researcher of cryptographic key sharing and distributed systems at CrySys Labs, Hungary and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, he specialized in cryptography engineering. Istvan Lam will talk about how Tresorit provides end-to-end encrypted file sync & sharing, why they do it, the role of encryption in data security, and the challenges of creating policies and technologies that protect citizen’s privacy.

Erlin Gulbenkoglu is the data privacy expert with the Finnish AI company She specialises in privacy-enhancing technologies. In her master thesis, she worked on differentially private data analytics and applied differentially private algorithms in the context of learning. Currently, she is working on developing privacy standards for AI development. She has technical competence and legal knowledge on privacy.

Kasper Holst Hansen is the founder and CEO of EduLab, the company behind the most popular digital math portal in Denmark. Kasper will talk about why EduLab created their data ethical guidelines, why they are so important to EduLab, and the reasons behind his belief that data ethics will be a competitive advantage for a short period only - soon it will become a precondition for every company just like paying employees a salary. Kasper, an economist and mathematician, is a former lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and founded EduLab in 2006. (Photo by Egon Gade)

Cécile Wendling is Group Head of Foresight at Axa, a multinational French-based insurance company. She will talk about how Axa works with privacy and data ethics; which challenges they are facing and which solutions they have arrived at (so far) in their work with ethical algorithms - especially when it comes to insuring smart cars and Internet of  Things. Dr. Cécile Wendling works on forward looking topics such as insuring the circular economy, insuring AI & driverless car, blockchain, smart cities, etc. She has flagged data privacy as a key issue for the future of insurance. She is also Associate Researcher at Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (CNRS-Sciences po Paris).

Steen Rasmussen Professor in Physics and Center Director, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) & External Research Professor, Santa Fe Institute (SFI), New Mexico, USA. His research is on the scientific underpinnings of living and intelligent technologies including bio-inspired Internet of Things infrastructure. He worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory USA for 20 years before returning to Denmark in 2007. He has founded and cofounding a number of scientific and commercial organizations and he has consulted on science and technology issues for the European Commission, the Danish Parliament, the German Bundestag, the US Congress and many businesses. He is currently part of the date ethics expert group for the Danish Government and on the Advisory Board of

Annefleur Schipper is founder of The Playwall, a Dutch start-up that will let you pay for news with money or data in a transparent way. Pay or Play. Together with co-founders Amber Kortzorg and Nina Van Hattum she will tell about their visions with news in a world where most people have become accustomed to 'free' news. Annefleur Schipper is music and cultural editor at Human Factor TV in Amsterdam.

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