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IEEE New Standards Project: P7006 standard for Personal Data AI Agents

NEWS: The IEEE P7006™ – Standard for Personal Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) Agent can help develop AI agents to provide data vaults and algorithms allowing individual access and control of personal information.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence creates a risk that machine-to-machine decisions could be made without input and transparency to humans. To avoid this, and to ensure AI is developed ethically, individuals need to be able to influence and determine the values, rules, and inputs that guide the development of personalized algorithms directly related to their identity. An approach that enables a personalized human-in-the-loop AI agent to act as a proxy for machine-to-machine decisions, negotiating individual rights and agency in a system of shared social norms, ethics and human rights, will enable individuals to safely organize and share their personal information at a machine-readable level. IEEE P7006 describes the technical elements required to create and grant access to a personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent that comprises inputs, learning, ethics, rules and values controlled by individuals.

Chair Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder of Meeco

Vice Chair Gry Hasselbalch, DataEthics.EU.

The standard is one out of many new standards projects from the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems (AS). The new standards projects also address data governance for children, students, and employers.