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DataEthics at MyData in Tallin and Helsinki 2017

Event. For the second year the 3-day MyData conference in Finland will be held august 3oth-Sept 2nd 2017. The list of speakers is over 100 (DataEthics is one) and the programme is divided into 12 thematic tracks.

and the main stage sessions. The Day-By-Day Schedule below shows that most tracks have sessions in Helsinki and Tallinn, with the Tallinn sessions applying a more hands-on workshop approach. The ferry trip from Tallinn to Helsinki will be devoted to a more relaxed networking, yet content-creating, un-conferencing session.

  1. MyData Nuts and Bolts  //  Introduction to human-centric personal data
  2. GDPR – the New Black  //  From business burden to commercial opportunity
  3. Case Studies  //  From actual to future services : promises and value of the MyData model
  4. Ethical Processing of MyData  //  Practical tools and solutions for transparency, accountability and fairness in processing of MyData
  5. Insights to Consumer Behaviour  //  Interests and opportunities for consumers
  6. Global Landscape  //  Mapping existing initiatives in human-controlled personal data: lessons learned, governance and business models
  7. Making Consent Work  //  How to operationalise meaningful consent, with emphasis on practical implementation
  8. Roadmap for Personal Data Markets  //  Envisioning the evolution for the sustainable economy for personal data
  9. Technical Building Blocks  //  Explore and map out technological aspects of data, protocols, and architectures
  10. Design + Personal Data?  //  Exploring the intersection of design and personal data
  11. Our Data  //  Collective data use and the social value of data
  12. Health Data //  Personal data for predictive healthcare