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Exponential Growth In AdBlocking

Survey. A new report from PageFair shows that the main business model of the Internet is under immense pressure. According to ‘The state of the blocked web 2017 Global Adblock Report’ the global number of desktop and mobile devices that block ads grew by 142 million to reach 615 million devices between December 2015 and Dec 2016.

Mobile adblock usage grew by far the fastest. From 108 million to 380 million active devices globally in the same period.

94% of global the mobile adblock usage is in Asia-Pacific, while 68% of desktop adblock usage is in North America and Europe. According to the report mobile adblock usage is spreading rapidly due to partnerships between adblocking browsers and device manufacturers & distributors. Mass adoption in North America and Europe will continue organically, but may accelerate unexpectedly if manufacturers or distributors close deals to pre-configure adblock software.

Read the whole report here

and see the reasons for adblocking in this graph:

Tips on ad- and cookieblockers:

  • (only for your computer)
  • Better from It is not an adblocker, but like it blocks third party / marketing cookies and malware and works at your mobile gadgets.
  • Disconnect Kids – find it in the app store
  • Adblockfast app (blocking ads and cookies on mobile – paid-for, very good)
  • Ghostery is a blocker on your computer and a browser on your mobile gadgets and you have to actively click on those you want to block (owned by a tracking company who will also let you opt-out of it)