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The Cookie Fallacy

Analysis. The most common tool in the most common business model of the Internet, is cookie tracking. Some visionary companies are showing the data ethics way with no cookies or with privacy-by-design cookies, and as users realize how easy it … Read More

Apple Initiative Threatens Big Tech Business Model

News. Apple’s privacy-by-default feature, Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in the newest version of the Safari browser will cost the ad tech business millions of dollars. One of the big players is downsizing its estimations of revenue by 22%, according to … Read More

The State of Mobile Adblocking

News. Blocking ads – and thus also cookie-tracking – is much more common (and easy) on the computer than on mobile gadgets. A new report, The State of Mobile Adblocking, shows that 1 of 2 US smartphone users actually wish … Read More

Exponential Growth In AdBlocking

Survey. A new report from PageFair shows that the main business model of the Internet is under immense pressure. According to ‘The state of the blocked web 2017 Global Adblock Report’ the global number of desktop and mobile devices that … Read More

Adblocking is becoming an ‘epidemic’

News. Since 2014 the use of ad- and cookieblocking has more than doubled and Emarketer expects that it will only be more and more common. Today 20,5 percent of UK internet users block ads and cookies. In 2017 the number … Read More

The Ad- and Cookie Blocking Frenzy

Hundreds of millions of users are already blocking ads and cookies today, but it is just be the tip of the iceberg, claims Frederic Filoux in his always great column Monday Note. “The ad blocking picture in even more startling … Read More

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