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Data Ethics’ focus on AI 2019-2020

AI decision making systems based on complex data collection and analytics embedded in society are increasingly shaping the opportunities of the human being. Still we do not have standardized ethics and social impact assessments in the design phase of these data technologies nor are they available when adopted in society. strives to foster a culture and economic model that allows businesses and institutions  to technologically evolve, innovate and be successful by adopting services and business practices that use emerging technologies, AI and ML based products and services in an ethically responsible way.

  • The European human centric approach to Trustworthy AI: Creating awareness about the European approach/Trustworthy AI by advocacy and public speaking.
  • AI in public procurement: Producing a white paper on data ethics in public procurement of AI with support from Luminate (Omidyar Group)
  • Personal data control in AI: Creating guidelines and standards for engineers on personal data control and ethics in AI e.g. through collboration with IEEE Ethics in Action  and
  • AI governance research: Publication of social science/humanistic research on the power dynamics and interests of the European AI Agenda.
  • Developing tools to facilitate the efforts of companies, institutions and investors to integrate responsible AI applications and data ethics (based on principles) informed strategies in their practices.

In cooperation with DataEthics’ Mozilla Fellow:

  • AI benchmarking: map products and services using AI and ML against a data ethics impact assessment scheme.
  • Develop realistic criteria for defining responsible and data ethical use of AI/ML. These criteria and the experience gained through the process will also provide a basis for a best practice guide that will be made openly accessible and spread through various networks including our own and our partner, the MyData network.

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