DataEthics is a politically independent ThinkDoTank based in Denmark with a European (and global) outreach. We work to promote data ethical products and services and provide knowledge, collaboration and consultation on data ethics for businesses, educational institutions, organisations, individuals and decision-makers from a technical, organisational, legal as well as social perspective. The mission is constructive and action oriented in nature and supports knowledge exchange and creation and cooperation on a sustainable and data ethical future with individual citizen control at the centre. The ThinkDoTank was founded in August 2015. The ThinkDoTank was founded in August 2015. Today it is run on a voluntary basis by four female team members, with an interdisciplinary Advisory Board and an international core team.


The last couple of years DataEthics has focused on creating a knowledge foundation and network for an ethical data business and policy approach. We do this by mapping and promoting alternative privacy tech, human centric and ethical data driven solutions; with conferences; representation in various EU and global initiatives/conferences; and content production (such as our newsletter and website).


DataEthics was created in reaction to the current data driven online development characterised by invisible data processing where people have no control nor insight into the interests behind, no knowledge of how their data is used and with what consequences it has for them as individuals. Our laws have not followed pace with the technological evolution, which means that legally you can today do a lot with data that is not in the best interest of the individual. This leads to an increasing data asymmetry and information power imbalance, which is a democratic problem in essence.


In DataEthics we want to inspire, be practical and constructive, and therefore we use business cases in our work (e.g. in information material and conferences). We don’t represent these companies, nor do we endorse all their company practices. We select the cases as examples of specific company practices, trends and approaches that are shaping a data ethical paradigm shift. We are in a beta phase and not one company has yet found the optimal solution. Every beginning takes time, just as it did with the products and companies that arose from the first inkling of environmental awareness.

We do suggest a non exhaustive list of alternative tech solutions for businesses and individuals on specific parts of our website here dataethics.eu/en/tools  and here dataethics.eu/en/digital-selfdefens


It is not. We work on a voluntary basis. Currently DataEthics is formally established as a voluntary association (“frivillig forening”) in Denmark with a limited budget. Our events are sponsored ad hoc. We do not accept sponsorship from companies that we consider not to handle data ethically. The ThinkDoTank receives a fee for new Danish members of Danish IT Association that signs up via DataEthics. This covers basic administration costs. We sometimes individually take a fee plus travel expenses for talks and keynotes at conferences to cover our time. Payments for the book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage go directly to the authors of the book.

In 2017-2018 we are looking for funding opportunities to take DataEthics to the next level. Let us know if you have suggestions!

DataEthics’ values

Individual data control and self-determination. Individuals have the right to access, supervise and control their personal data, to correct and delete them. Privacy and personal data security is a human right prerequisite to the right to freedom of expression and thus to make individual decisions free from manipulation on the basis of data analysis.

Privacy-by-design. The dominant digital business model is currently publicity and tracking by default. The democratic model is privacy-by-default.

Transparency. We work to create true transparency in data monitoring, collection and storage of personal data - including profiling of the individual based on data aggregation and predictive analysis.

Co-Creation. We believe that the best products and services are created through cooperation and user-generation and not by data monopolisation and centralisation.


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