DataEthics is a politically independent ThinkDoTank based in Denmark with a European (and global) outreach. We work to promote data ethical products and services and provide knowledge, collaboration and consultation on data ethics for businesses, educational
institutions, organisations, individuals and decision-makers from a technical, organisational, legal as well as social perspective. The mission is constructive and action oriented in nature and supports knowledge exchange and creation and cooperation on a sustainable and data ethical future with individual consumer control at the centre. The ThinkDoTank was founded in August 2015.

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DataEthics’ values

Individual data control and self-determination. Individuals have the right to access, supervise and control their personal data, to correct and delete them. Privacy and personal data security is a human right prerequisite to the right to freedom of expression and thus to make individual decisions free from manipulation on the basis of data analysis.

Privacy-by-design. The dominant digital business model is currently publicity and tracking by default. The democratic model is privacy-by-default.

Transparency. We work to create true transparency in data monitoring, collection and storage of personal data - including profiling of the individual based on data aggregation and predictive analysis.

Co-Creation. We believe that the best products and services are created through cooperation and user-generation and not by data monopolisation and centralisation.

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