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The world moved online in 2020 and so did’s participations.
21st September 2020, DataEthics’ co-founder Pernille Tranberg received the new DFG Price going to a company (LEGO) and a person, who has worked with and paved the way for data ethics at the Data For Good Summit 2020 at CPDP 2020 at the panel “Can Ethics be Standardized?” with with Paul Nemitz, Ali Hessami, Gry Hasselbalch, Sara Jordan and Ansgar Koene, Clara Neppel and Gry Hasselbalch. co founder at Club of Three pleanry meeting in London UK Foreign Office with leaders from the UK, France and Germany at Mozilla Festival 2019 together with AccessNow, Algorithm Watch and on “Governing AI”. Watch the debate here
Brussels, September 10, 2019: About 1,000 European innovators, decision makers and technology enthusiasts gathered for the fourth edition of the EIT Digital Conference. Among the keynote speakers was’s Gry Hasselbalch.’s Gry Hasselbalch at the German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum 2019 in panel debate with Kara Swisher, co-founder of Recode, MEP Marietje Schaake, Entrepreneur and Venture Investor Chris Schroeder, Member, U.S. House of Representatives Suzan Delbene.
Pernille Tranberg,; Clark Parsons, Internet Economy Foundation.\n\nDLD Europe 2019, Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union, Brussels, September 9, 2019\n\nFree press image © Jan Van de Vel/ Picture Alliance for DLD More pictures from DLD Europe 2019:
Teaching kids in 7th grade data understanding and digital selfdefense. Paid by Copenhagen Municipality. Autumn 2019

Cofounder Gry Hasselbalch in Milan at Connext2019, 8th February 2019 with key note on the book DataEthics – The New Competitive Advantage

Get the book for free here.

UX Gry Hasselbalch from keynote “What is Data Ethics?”. Hear also the Tech for Good Live podcast with Gry and Nicole A. Cooke from the event.

Gry Hasselbalch, at work with other members of the EC High Level Group on AI. EU ethics guidelines for AI Trustworthy AI.

Danish Parliament. 8th Feb 2019. Discussing AI, Media and Democracy. Pernille Tranberg,, in panel.

Get the report from this discussion on AI, Media and Decmocracy in Bruxelles October 2018 – invited by the EU to Debating Ethics.

Get the highlight from the 40th International Conference on Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

DataEthics’eu’s Pernille Tranberg with MyData Denmark (Berit Skjernaa right, Henrik Biering and Tanel Mällo (right) in Paris to explore the MAIF and MesInfos project. March 2018

Pernille Tranberg (right) from as keynote speaker at MyData2017 in Helsinki with distinguished John C Havens, IEEE, and Katryna Dow, MEECO

Visit MyData and learn more about the movement to get individual data control. in Davos at World Economic Forum the first time in 2017.

Gry Hasselbalch from key note at IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2017 at CPDP 2017 in panel debate with Jane Horvath, Apple, Peter Burgess, École Normale Supérieure and Erik Konig, Philips.
Aldready in 2016, Margrethe Vestager spoke on data monopolies at’s very first forum
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