Pernille Tranberg
+45 22 66 99 32

Co-founder of, former journalist and work as a teacher, speaker, writer and advisor in data ethics, data understanding, digital selfdefense and data democracy. She has written 7 books: the latest ‘DataEthics – The new Competitive Advantage’ (2016) with Gry Hasselbalch. She co-authored with Steffan Heuer ‘Fake It’ (2012, Peoples Press) about big data and digital selfdefense. It was published in four languages and was on the bestseller list in both Denmark and Germany and had three editions in German (a fourth is coming out Nov 2019 in Germany). She is an internationally acknowledge speaker on data ethics and has spoke about digital self-defense at TEDxOXFORD. Here is her TedX-talk (2013) aimed at individuals. Here is a newer version of digital selfdefense (2016). Here is her MyData-talk (2016) aimed at companies in Helsinki, a longer talk on big data and ethics in Warsaw (2015), her talk on data ethics at WMC the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona 2017 and on data ethics at My Data in Tallinn Sept 2017.
Former jobs: Tech and investigative reporter at Politiken (1996-2005), editor-in-chief  TÆNK (2005-2009) (Danish small equivalent to ConsumerReport and Stiftungwarentest). Head of editorial development at Berlingske Media (2009-2013), journalistic fellow SDU (2013-2014 – where she wrote about a trustmark for news) og special Consultant in The Danish Business Authority (2014-2015) where she developed to help companies develop privacy policies and respect data protection laws
She holds a Master in journalism from Columbia University New York (1995), a BA from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus (1994), and she is ‘Academy Economist’ from Niels Brocks Handelsakademi (1988).

Gry Hasselbalch
+45 29 82 73 74

gry-hasselbalch-bwCo-founder of Gry Hasselbalch works with issues related to the governance and ethics of emerging data technologies. As a member of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI she developed ethics guidelines and policy recommendations for the European Union AI strategy.  She was also one of the 12 members of the first national expert committee instituted in 2018 to make data ethics recommendations for the Danish government. As co-chair of the P7006 standard within the IEEE's Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems, she is guiding a process for developing a technical engineering standard with a values sensitive design and ethics approach. Gry is often called upon by media as an expert source (e.g. Al Jazeera1, RN Breakfast, Tech for Good Live Podcast) and speaks at venues worldwide in diverse settings ranging from the world’s agenda setting organisations to industry conferences (e.g. Mozilla Speaker Series, 2017, Paris; Confindustria, 2019, Milan; CPDP, 2017, Brussels; German Marshall Fund, 2019, Brussels; UN Internet Governance Forum, 2015, Joa Pessoa; ClubofThree, 2019, London; UX Copenhagen, 2019, Copenhagen). Gry has authored several articles, reports and studies. She is among others finishing a PhD fellowship at University of Copenhagen on the role of data and AI ethics in European policymaking and authored the book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage (2016) together with Pernille Tranberg. Previously, she worked for 10 years in the global internet governance community establishing the Danish Awareness Centre in the European child online protection and empowerment network, Insafe, based in 32 European countries.

Birgitte Kofod Olsen
+45 25 26 09 03


Birgitte is a co-founder of DataEthics and serves as chairperson. She is a lawyer specialized in fundamental rights and holds a Ph.D. in data protection and biometrics. Working in the intersection of fundamental rights and new technologies for three decades, she has been involved in research, advocacy and consultancy within public and private sector. She has contributed to numerous analyses and projects on the risks and consequences for citizens and society stemming from digitalization, surveillance, smart cities, biometrics, encryption, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Her ethical perspective is anchored in the primacy of the human being and has formed an integrated perspective of her work. Birgitte is an author of several books and articles exploring the limits and challenges for privacy in the digital age, including Eksponeret (2018), Retten til respekt for privatliv (2016), Ensuring minority rights in a digitized and ‘liquid’ society (2006) and Dataetiske udfordringer ved automatiseret beslutningssøtte (2019).  Her latest book is a handbook on data accountability that guides the practical implementation and maintenance of the GDPR (Håndbog i dataansvarlighed (2020). Together with Pernille Tranberg, she developed for The Danish Business Authority (2016). Birgitte served as the first chairperson of the Danish Council for Digital Security (2012-15) and contributed to putting information security and privacy as intertwined purposes on the agenda in Denmark. She continuously contributes to the public debate on privacy related issues through interviews and blogs, key notes and interventions on conferences, and is active in teaching and running workshops, seminars and networks. As a partner and co-owner of Carve Consulting, Birgitte advises companies, authorities and organizations on strategic planning and execution of privacy and data protection frameworks and processes, on business driven corporate social responsibility and transformation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into business operations and development.'s original founders:

Marianne Steen (left), Gry Hasselbalch, Pernille Tranberg and Birgitte Kofod Olsen, Copenhagen, September 2016.





In 2017 Marianne Steen left and Catrine Søndergaard Byrne (2nd left) joined. She left November 2019.

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