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Will Artificial Intelligence Overtake Humans?

News. What happens when artificial intelligence, AI, is incorporated into robots looking like humans? Will be be able to distinguish? One skeptical expert and one slightly more hopeful expert discus this in the Guardians podcast Chips With Everything.
The scope of AI is huge. It is already in our phones, stock markets, cars, spam filters and all over, but it will be everywhere in the future.
Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Coventry University, believes computers will take over humans. He believes in a post-human era, where machines can reproduce much more efficiently than humans, where we call autonomous killing-machines for drones being developed further and further and the finance system is not based on human experts deciding whether to sell or not but machines. We are not only developing AI but also deploying it and relying on it.

AI has huge potential with the data behind in the right hands. And Dr Kevin Curran, computer science reader at Ulster University, is not as sinister in his future vision as Mr Warwick. He is not entirely sure that machines will take over any time soon.

Do listen to the 20 minute podcast