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Why You Should Keep Your Heart Rate Secret

News. Scientific studies show that your heart rate can be an indicator of sexual dysfunction, that low resting heart rates correlates with propensity for violence and that an elevated heart rate can lead to others being less likely to cooperate with you. The US magazine Slate has collected various studies on our heart rate and other health info that many tend to give to fitness trackers not giving it a thought, if it is a good idea or not.

Suddenly, anyone who knows your heart rate may prejudge—accurately or not—your emotions, mood, and sexual prowess. “This data can be very easily misinterpreted,” says Michelle De Mooy, the acting director of the Privacy and Data Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology tells Slate.

Health data collected from wearables isn’t protected by the HIPPA or FTC in the US – only health data in the hands of doctors and insurance companies is regulated. Therefore, experts believe regulation is needed in the US. Especially because more and more companies are collecting data, and as the article states; imagine if your manager began making decisions about which projects to assign you based on whether you were well-rested.

Not only your heart rate and sleeping patters reveals stuff about you. The way you walk can be as unique as your fingerprint, according to the article.

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