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New UK AI Report Warns Against Data Monopolies

RESEARCH. In a new report on Artificial Intelligence, the UK House of Lords promotes ethics as the centre of the development of artificial intelligence. The reports also paints a picture of a current AI field run by data monopolies.

The report addresses the history of the AI field and emphasises a particular concern with the current development of AI warning against the role of US big tech data monopolies. They have global influence and by harvesting huge quantities of data they increasingly have a massive advantage in the development and application of AI systems the reports states. Unsurprisingly, while several of the experts voiced in the report, points to the adverse effects on not only competition, but also human rights, some of the larger technology companies, contested the very concept of ‘data monopolies’ and resisted the idea of interfering with contractual freedoms based on the argument that businesses have a right to seek a return on investment if they carry the reinvestment costs.

In the report it is among others concluded that:

“The monopolisation of data demonstrates the need for strong ethical, data protection and competition frameworks in the UK, and for continued vigilance from the regulators. We urge the Government, and the Competition and Markets Authority, to review proactively the use and potential monopolisation of data by the big technology companies operating in the UK.”

AI Code

One of the recommendations of the report is for an AI Code to be established based on five guiding principles:

Artificial intelligence should be developed for the common good and benefit of humanity.

Artificial intelligence should operate on principles of intelligibility and fairness.

Artificial intelligence should not be used to diminish the data rights or privacy of individuals, families or communities.

All citizens have the right to be educated to enable them to flourish mentally, emotionally and economically alongside artificial intelligence.

The autonomous power to hurt, destroy or deceive human beings should never be vested in artificial intelligence.

Read the full report here