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New Study: When Cool Becomes Creepy

kmpgSurvey. A new survey from KMPG International investigates when cool become creepy? When does convenient turn into intrusive? Understanding consumers’ sensitivities around the use of their personal data is central to establishing and maintaining trust between consumer and company, KMPG concludes.

Some of the conclusions of the KMPG-study, that asked almost 7,000 members of the public in 24 countries, are as follows:

  • Over half of the survey respondents are willing to share their gender, education or ethnicity online, for example, whereas less than 20 percent are willing to share their income, location, medical records or address.
  • In all markets but one, at least 75 percent of respondents said they were uneasy with their online shopping data being sold to third parties
  • Similarly, there are huge regional differences in attitudes. 78 percent in India think it is ‘cool’ for taxi companies to use geo-location data to offer people a ride, for example, compared to only 22 percent in Denmark (Figure 2). Similarly, personal billboard advertising is considered cool by 60 percent in China, but creepy by 88 percent in Japan
  • 84% thinks it is creepy when smartphones and tablet apps used for navigation, chat and news can access your contacts, photos and browsing history.
  • 82% finds it creepy, when online retailers that offer savings, speed, convenience, product range and delivery sell your data to 3rd parties.
  • 78% finds it creepy, when electronic billboard that greets you by name, asks if you enjoyed breakfast and shows an advertisement for your favorite cereal.
  • 68% thinks it is creepy when you email a friend about a planned Paris visit, and online the next day, you notice advertisements for hotels, restaurants and excursions in Paris.
  • 57% finds it cool with smart energy meters that allow your provider to deduce how many people live in your home, when you eat and sleep, and the appliances you use.
  • 78% find telematics device that enables emergency services to track your vehicle cool

Find the whole survey here