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New Toolkit for Responsible AI Innovation

A ready-to-use toolkit for responsible AI Innovation in law enforcement has been developed by the Centre for AI and Robotics of UNICRI together with INTERPOL and financial support of the European Commission.  

The toolkit sets up principles for responsible AI Innovation based on human rights, ethics and standards for good policing and provide law enforcement agencies with guidance on integration of responsible AI throughout the life cycle of the system, from decision to design and development, procurement, deployment, monitoring and evaluation. The tools to guide this process and support decision-making cover: 

  • Organizational roadmap
  • Readiness assessment questionnaire
  • Responsible AI in action workbook
  • Risk assessment questionnaire.

The Toolkit also provides insights into the technical aspects of AI.

As such it stands out as a governance instrument for all UN and Interpol Member States as a practical blueprint that can enable law enforcement agencies from all over the world to use AI technology in responsible and human rights compliant manner. 

So far, 15 countries in the world are already testing the toolkit which will be available in an online version planned for launching in the beginning of 2024.

The toolkit is relevant and adaptable to other sectors and industries and may also translate well it into national standard operational procedures. 

Read and download the toolkit here

NB The author has been consultant in the development of the toolkit