Building Trustworthy AI in Cities  With Public AI Registers

As a wave of digitisation sweeps Europe, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly become an integral part of our daily lives. Public authorities thus use algorithms to optimise their processes, improve the accessibility to their services, or manage public spaces.  This development stresses the need for ensuring that algorithms in public services must respect the same principles of responsibility, accountability, transparency, and security … Read More

Sweden Puts People First   

For 50 years, the Swedish Data Protection Agency has been called the Data Inspectorate. But in early 2021, they changed their name to Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY). In this way, the supervisory authority emphasises that they focus on the … Read More

Data ethics needed in algorithms

BLOG. Big data may provide us with new knowledge and insights. With the gigantous collection of big data, we can access large amounts of data from a variety of sources and with high velocity – even real time data – … Read More

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