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Save the Date for European Data Ethics Forum 2019 – and Help Get Us a Sponsor

Event. The fourth European Data Ethics Forum will be Thursday October 10th in Copenhagen at CFL. We ( and our cool partner Danish IT) already have a bunch of truely interesting speakers such as UN Global Pulse, who has 75 data scientist working with AI and predictions for the better of the globe. We have Solid – the Tim Berners Lee led initiative to decentralise the power of the web. We have members from the EU High Level Expert Group on AI, the UK and Scandinavian who challenges Facebook Messenger on chatbots, and Aarhus Municipality, who has taken a front position in keeping their web users as private as possible.

We also have our first sponsor, Mozilla, the very cool company behind the Firefox and Cliqz browser. They have been with us now for three years, and we are extremely thankful for that. If you know someone, who wants to sponsor us, please give them this info Sponsorships2019pdf about sponsor rules, and note that we try to walk the talk and do not take money from any data broker, including Google and Facebook.

If you can find us a sponsor, you’ll not only get a free entrance ticket to the conference, we will also invite you to the speakers’ dinner the evening before the conference. Do send your tips and contacts to

The conference site will be updated continuously here.

Among our earlier speakers are Margrethe Vestager (2016), Frank Pasquale (2016), Evelyn Rupert (2017), John C Havens IEEE (2017), Dieter Rasmussen LEGO (2017), Marit Hansen (2018), Laura Dornheim AdblockPlus (2018), Dan Shefet (2018), Cecile Wendling Axa (2018). And Edulab,, Tresorit, Clue, Playwall, Cliqz, Wire, Findx and Purism. See them all here.