European Data Ethics Forum 2019

When: October 10th 2019 9.00-17.00
Where:  CFL


We are working on the agenda and will update it continuously here. We hope that we will have the UN Global Pulse speaking. The agency in New York  has 75 data scientist working with AI and predictions for the better of the globe. We have Solid – the Tim Berners Lee led initiative to decentralise the power of the web. We have members from the EU High Level Expert Group on AI in the form of the CEO from and our own Gry Hasselbalch. We will have from Norway. It challenges Facebook Messenger on chatbots. Aarhus Municipality has taken a front position in keeping their web users as private as possible and, an online bookstore, is ready to be challenged by Amazon.
In all breaks we'll have tables discussing different issues with at table-head.

- DataEthics in Practise. Share common pitfalls, views, tips and tricks. With Piek Visser-Knijff, privacy & data-ethicist.

Speakers bios

Mitzi László, Solid. Mitzi is the Community Manager of Solid, a Tim Berners-Lee led initiative with the goal to decentralise power on the web to ensure that it is used for the global public good. She's based in Amsterdam, has trained as a neuroscientist specialised in decision making and is a Data Ethics Auditor with The European Commission, where she is auditing EU funded research consortia from an ethics perspective. Find her here.

Loubna Bouarfa. Okra. Loubna is a machine learning scientist turned entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of OKRA Technologies - an artificial intelligence data analytics company for healthcare. OKRA allows healthcare professionals to combine all their data in one place and generate evidence-based insights in real time, to save and improve human lives. Loubna is currently a member of the European Union High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, where she is particularly focused on healthcare and achieving competitive business impact with AI. She was named an MIT Technology Review Top Innovator Under 35, and is featured on Forbes first-ever 50 Top Women In Tech list. On a personal level, she is a strong advocate for diversity, women and challenging the status quo.

Gry Hasselbalch. Gry is member of the European Commission's high level group on AI and ethics developing ethics and policy guidelines for AI in Europe, and co-chair of the P7006 standard within the IEEE's Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems.  She is also co-founder of and co-author of DataEthics - the New Competitive Advantage.

Claus Kenberg. Claus is CCO and CDO in an online bookstore and platform for self-publishers. He drives the data-driven agenda, where data and tech convert to the best digital customer experience - whenever it is consumers, authors or partners. Before his job at Saxo, he has worked with business development - with data as a core - in companies like Staoil, Falck and many of the best know car manufacturers. 

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