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European Complaints Against Data Brokers

News. Privacy International has filed complaints against 7 data brokers (Acxiom, Oracle), ad-tech companies (Criteo, Quantcast, Tapad), and credit referencing agencies (Equifax, Experian) with data protection authorities in France, Ireland, and the UK.

It is a huge, well-research set of complaints that the UK-based NGO Privacy International (PI) launched November 8th 2018. On behalf of the British population and the rest of the EU, PI says that the data brokers businesses

Have no lawful basis and is breaching Articles 5 and 6 of GPDR, as the requirements for consent or legitimate interest are not fulfilled.

Do not comply with the Data Protection Principles in Article 5, namely the principles of transparency, fairness, lawfulness, purpose limitation , data minimisation and accuracy.

The most interesting read of the complaint is Annex A vs Acxiom stating that the US-based data broker has a tool called InfoBase covering more than 90% of UK Households and reaches 80% of ‘marketable adults’ as well as ‘Provides more than 3,500 specific behavioural insights’. 3500 small pieces of puzzles on each and every one of the Brits – including such private stuff as expenditure on betting and gambling and alcohol and a social grade made by Acxiom (sounds like China). Go see page 46-48 here.

Get the story and all the complaints here

Go tell the data brokers to delete YOUR data