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DataEthics and Coming Events in 2019

From our own world. Three exciting events coming up this spring. And mark you calendars for October 10th where the 4th European Data Ethics Forum will take place in Copenhagen.

Our thinkdotank participates in many international meetings giving expert advice in how to think and do data ethics. Last year, for example, we were invited to participate in the 40th International Conference on Data Protection and Privacy Comissioners in Brussels on the topic Debating Ethics. This has resulted in a new series of podcasts that the European Data Protection Supervisor’s office is facilitating. Gry Hasselbalch is also part of the EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI who will publish their final report this spring.

In January Pernille Tranberg was in Davos participating in the parallel meeting of the World Economic Forum 2019 and beginning of April, she will participate in a round-table on trust and compliance at the Horasis Global Meeting on ‘Catalysing the Benefits of Globalization’ in Portugal.

By the end of April, Consumers International gathers consumer experts from all over the world also in Portugal for The Digital Hive: Putting Consumers At The Heart Of Digital Innovation.  Pernille Tranberg is participating in a panel on ‘Privacy Warriors vs the Privacy Police’.

In June, Gry Hasselbalch is invited to participate in a key workshop on ethical analysis of AI and robotics at SIENNA (Stakeholder-Informed Ethics for New technologies with high socio-ecoNomic and human rights impAct). It will take place in Sweden, and 20 specially selected invited experts are to engage in joint investigations and dialogue, some of the best people in the field.

Finally, mark you calendar. The 4th European Data Ethics Forum will be on October 10th in Copenhagen. If you know by now you will participate, do write and email to and you will get a link, once you can register.