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Consumer Watchdog Will Test Products On Privacy

News. A new ‘The Digital Standard’ shall help consumers “understand which digital products do the most to protect their privacy and security, and give them the most control over their personal data.”

With a historic power to influence governments and companies the US consumer organisation, Consumer Reports, CR, will start testing producst and services for privacy and security. And with more than a $25 million annual testing budget, more than 50 testing labs, and adherents far greater than even its 8 million print and online subscribers would suggest, CR has the ability to serve as a quasi-regulatory body to shape consumer protection in the ever-changing digital and consumer-product landscape, writes Morning Consult.

The rating will be based on 4 principles, according to Morning Consult:

  • Products should be built to be secure: Consumers deserve “products that are built with security as a priority.”
  • Products should protect customers’ privacy: Consumers should “know what data of theirs is being collected, and have a reasonable amount of control over it.”
  • Products should protect the idea of ownership: When consumers buy products they should be able to “alter, fix, or resell them.”
  • Companies should act ethically: Companies should be held “accountable for how they interact with the broader world.”

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