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Declining Trust in Mobile Operators’ Privacy Handling

sodaheadSurvey: A vast majority of consumers don’t trust mobile operators with their data. Security, transparency and control concerns have caused widening trust gap. 

75 percent of 8.000 consumers surveyed in 8 countries say they don’t trust brands to take care of their data, and 71 percent of respondents say they don’t trust mobile operators to take care of their data. This is the result of a multinational survey from Syniverse. It reveals that erosion in trust impacts the potential for mobile services personalization. Reliance on big data for personalization must be tempered with consumer willingness to share.

“Using big-data elements – like demographics, location and interaction history – to personalize services and target promotions is critical to emerging mobile business models and sophisticated brand engagement strategies,” said Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, Syniverse. “Success assumes consumers will willingly share personal data in return for more personalized services and more relevant offers along their mobile journey. This assumption is wrong: Consumers are far from ‘willing.'”

Trust in brands and mobile operators to safeguard privacy has generally fallen among 50 percent of consumers in the last 3 years.

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