Tech Gives Lenders Power Over Customers

News. A woman needs to drive her son to the hospital fast, as he has a alarmingly high fever, but her car won’t start. Another woman is driving on the highway and suddenly her car was turned off sending her … Read More

Rich Kids Reveal Their Parents On Social Media

News: Some people are enviously watching rich kids on Instagram showing off their parents yachts, private jets and other possessings on Instagram and other social media, but it does have another side. They are – often without knowing, revealing their … Read More

How Legacy Media Help Spread Rumors

Study. Social media has often been criticized for spreading rumors and unreliable information too fast and that legacy media and their ‘official’ account can ‘regulate’ that with reliable journalism. However, a new study show how these official accounts participate in … Read More

Columbian Hacker Manipulated Elections

News. Andrés Sepúlveda is a Columbian hacker and 31 years of age. For 8 years he has traveled Latin America rigging major political campaigns. With a team of hackers Andrés Sepúlveda has stolen campaign strategies, manipulated social media to create … Read More

Take Away from First Meeting in DataEthics

News. The first meeting in DataEthics 10th March 2016 went very well. It was more than full house (over 60) where there were talks and discussions on the very new market for privacy-enhancing tech such as smartphones and search engines. … Read More

Responsible Data Driven Advocacy

News. There is a fundamental lack of technical literacy among advocacy organisations affecting the way they interact with technical partners, the decisions they make around the project, the level to which they can have meaningful input, and it also affects … Read More

Conference on The Competitive Advantage

Event. Businesses, who wish to learn the benefits of privacy, and develop commercial offerings around it. Entrepreneurs and Investors, who want to build businesses that offer privacy as a commercial proposition. Legislators and Regulators, who are tasked with implementing the … Read More

Is Your Smartphone Listening In?

A journalist from the BBC was doing some ironing when her mum came in to tell her that a family friend had been killed in a road accident in Thailand. Her phone was on the worktop behind her. But the … Read More

New study: Ebola a big data disaster

Survey: The report “Ebola a big data disaster” by Sean Martin McDonald explores the use of Big Data in humanitarian crisis and the implications for privacy of some of the most vulnerable citizens of the world. In specific it questions … Read More

Re:publica: Berlin 2-4 May

“The re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, it has grown from a cozy blogger meeting with 700 participants into a wide-ranging “society conference”, with 7000 … Read More

Robots Read Books To Become More Human

Research: Artificial intelligence researchers have robots read books to help them understand how to behave in a human way. They teach computers ethics in the same way children are taught how to behave in human societies. “The collected stories of … Read More

Understanding the privacy market (program)

(some of this event will be held in Danish)Date: March 10, 2016 – 14:00 to 17:00 pmLocation: IDA, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, DK-1780 Copenhagen VHear why privacy and data ethics is a demand in the digital age. A new emerging growth … Read More

Heartificial Intelligence: Book coming out in 2016

How will machines know what we value if we don’t know ourselves? This is the central question for John C. Havens’ new book, Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines coming out in 2016.    

MyData 2016 in Helsinki – Bring Your Own Data

Event. Open Knowledge Finland, Aalto University and FING are teaming up to host MyData 2016, an international event bringing together up to 1000 participants from businesses, research community, civil society, government and local communities to Helsinki from August 31st – … Read More

Understand the Market for Privacy

Our first event in DataEthics was March 10th 2016 at IDA in Copenhagen.Here Pernille Tranberg, co-founder, give a welcome speech on our visions. The program:Program 14:00 to 14:15 – Welcome and a few words on data ethics w Pernille Tranberg14:15 … Read More

The Great Data Race

Report: The Norwegian Data Protection Office has released an interesting report, The Great Data Race, on big data commercial use vs personal data challenges. It is out in Norwegian and very soon in English. Some main points: If we lose … Read More

Conference on The Digital Single Market

Event: What will it actually take to move Europe from the legislative drawing board to a digital reality? And what’s in it for both citizens and businesses? These are the questions to be answered at a highl-leve conference in Copenhagen December 8th … Read More

The Corporate Accountability Index: Ranking Digital Rights

Report: The Ranking Digital Rights project has launched the first annual Corporate Accountability Index. The index ranks 16 of the world’s largest Internet and telecommunications companies according to 31 indicators focused on corporate disclosure of commitments, policies and practices that … Read More

The Global Privacy as Innovation Network

The Global Privacy as Innovation Network is DataEthics’ global policy network. It was established at the Privacy as Innovation II session at the 9th Internet Governance Forum September 2014.

Opinion from EDPS: Towards a new Digital Ethics

The opinion of the EU Data Protection Supervisor describes Digital Ethical implications of the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing. It outlines a four-tier ‘big data protection ecosystem’ to respond to the digital challenge. The EDPS has … Read More

1 in 3 Europeans lie about their data

Survey:  1 in 3 Europeans lie about their data to protect their privacy. And only 14% think its okay that companies share their data with third parties. The report from Symantec covers Spain, Germany, Franking , Holland, Denmark , Italy … Read More

The Safer Internet Forum, Luxembourg 28-29 October 2015

The Safer Internet Forum (SIF) is a key annual international conference in Europe where policy makers, researchers, law enforcement bodies, youth, parents and carers, teachers, NGOs, industry representatives, experts and other relevant actors come together to discuss the latest trends, … Read More

Safer Internet Forum, Luxembourg 28-29 oktober 2015

Event. Safer Internet Forum (SIF) er en central årlig konference i Europa, hvor politiske beslutningstagere, forskere, myndigheder, lærere, ngo’er, repræsentanter for erhvervslivet, eksperter og andre relevante aktører mødes for at diskutere de nyeste trends, risici og løsninger relateret til børns … Read More

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