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AI Recommendations from The Human Brain Project

Here’s some of the fine recommendations from experts in rights and ethics, law, social science, culture, politics and economy in The Human Brain Project who gathered in March 2019 in Copenhagen to discuss what is needed for AI to be good

  • Open science, open innovation basic principles.
  • Skills for AI should be part of fundamental human rights.
  • A quality mark for companies to show they work in compliance with principles of compliance to openness of trust.
  • Trust and trustworthiness built through judges; an AI ombudsperson could be implemented in the system.
  • Labeling is needed, together with an agency that checks labels, government and companies.
  • Ensure digital and online anonymity by default.
  • Implement an IT-architecture in front of the databases, which allows algorithms to utilize anonymised data, but without data leaving the database.
  • Implement certification or approval of algorithms on case-by-case basis. Inspiration can be found in legislation on chemicals and gene-tech.
  • Establish rules and institutions that, in special instances, can allow direct access to data, when necessary. And which can approve de-anonymization, when it is in the interest of citizens.
  • Implement required routine tests for bias in algorithms, along with mandatory revision on tests and reporting in annual reports.
  • Dynamic consent: Dynamic consent is a more advanced form of consent, which empower and protect individual data contributors better than the baseline (i.e. Informed consent).
  • AI-framework: A framework for developing responsible AI with parameters for: Transparent AI, Reversible AI, Coachable AI, Explainable AI and Interpretable AI.
  • Proof of sustainability: A roadmap of sustainable AI technology must include ethical and responsible considerations. Example: Proof of sustainability. For a company to get access to a market they must provide a sustainable product under an agile regulation regime: Code of conducts, Standards etc.
  • Education: Retraining of workers/citizens
  • New tax regulation: The company tax should be on the turnover in EU to ensuring tax is paid.

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