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Designing for Informed Consent Online That Works

This article is written by guest writer Annesophie Eve Hørlyk based on her master’s thesis that was published in the IT University of Copenhagen in January 2020. Informed consent is one of the primary means to protect internet users’ autonomy … Read More

Myths on GDPR – consent

Blog: One of the strongest myth when it comes to legal processing of personal data, are the myth(s) surrounding consent: If you have consent, it is always legal to process personal data. That is not correct. Consent is one of … Read More

From Consent to Data Control by Design

Research. The current model of consent is impractical and illusory, turning a tool that is supposed to empower individuals to make informed choices into a tool that submerges users in unread privacy notices that they accept as the de facto … Read More

Implications of IoT Need Focus

Research. “Before we too readily endorse smart devices and sensors that can send into the cloud information about many personal aspects of our daily lives, it is essential to have an informed discussion about the implications of the Internet of … Read More

EU’s Personal Data Regulation A Game Changer

News: The new General Data Protection Regulation from the EU, which found a compromise late December, and is expected be finally agreed upon in January 2016, has some good and some bad news. Some of the good: Individuals have clear rights: for example you can demand … Read More

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