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Individual Data Control

If we want a fair and equal society – a data democracy – neither state nor companies should control our data – and thus our lives. We should control our own data. It does not mean that your doctor, taxing authorities and other public authorities will not sit on parts of your data. You might also have accepted that your supermarket personalise offers to you and other private companies have access to your data. But you are the one who sits on the big profile of you, on all your data pieces and thus you decided what they can be used for.
In this theme you can get our latest book or booklet – below – and a lot of great links to other good work after the book was published autum 2021, as the is also full of great links. We’ll keep it updated.

In our booklet (September 2021), we look at the growing trend of personal data stores or personal data intermediaries, helping individuals take control over and empower themselves with their data. This does not mean that the state or companies do not sit on some of our data. But you are in the driver’s seat and retain control of your full profile.

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