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Data, Monopolies and Personal Data Stores – Presentations and Videos

Hear about Personal Data Stores, PDS,  a new and growing industry with many different start-ups. We will explain the overall trend and introduces 2-3 start-ups. The Danish DATA for GOOD Foundataion (Line2Life) is founded by Annemette Brock and Jens Lunn,  and the British CitizenMe by StJohn Deakins.

Background on Personal Data Stores: We see a new movement in especially Europe trying to turn the digital infrastructure around. Today the powerful – government, companies and organisations – get more and more access to individuals – the weak part in a democracy – who are becoming more and more transparent. With the new infrastructure multinational power will be turned into individual self-determination. It is so new that there is not common word for it; Personal Data Stores, PDS, Personal Information Management Systems, PIMs or Vendor Relationship Management, VRM , are some of the names. Some of these start-ups are non-profit and coops, others are commercial wanting to help individuals sell their data. But they all want to help individuals gain control over there personal data and help them collect, stores, update, correct, analyze and share their data. What is really important is the possibility of retracting consent to third partices. In other words; individuals set their own privacy standards. 


1)Blockchain – reversing the data infrastructure: Blockchain is a technology that can put individuals in control of their own data. How does it work? What is its history, potentials, limits and future? v Francesco Lapenta, Associate Professpr, Roskilde University, Dept. of Communications, Business & Information Technology
2) The Data Ethical Company. Hear about companies, who are working with data ethics in different ways from new book ‘DataEthics – the New Competitive Advantage‘ with Gry Hasselbalch and Pernille Tranberg


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