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Mie Oehlenschläger

Twitter: @mieoeh
Phone: +45 4292 0609

Mie Oehlenschläger is M. A. in Comparative Literature & Cultural Communications. After 15 years working with agenda setting Strategic Communication and Public Affairs today she is an New media External Lecturer while debating, teaching and writing about technology and humanities with s special view on online child protection and the strategies used to influence child and youth culture.

Signe Agerskov

Signe Agerskov holds a master’s degree in IT with a specialisation in blockchain technology from IT University of Copenhagen. She has a background in Psychology and Philosophy and has a particular interest in ethical aspects of disruptive technologies. Currently, she is researching blockchain ethics at the European Blockchain Center.

Torben Barev



Torben Barev is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Information-Systems (IS) department at the Research Center for IS Design of the University of Kassel, Germany. Currently, he is a visiting researcher at the Copenhagen Business School. His research interests focus on the development of innovative and ethical IT systems for digital work environments. He studies how users interact with digital technologies and how individuals can be supported in their decision making in the context of personal data disclosure.

Rune Klingenberg

LinkedIn: rune-klingenberg-hansen-4076b4208

Rune Klingenberg has a PhD in practical ethics from Roskilde University. He is currently employed at the Danish National Center for Ethics, working in the Section for the Medical Research Ethics Committees. Rune has a general interest in the ethics of technology but is primarily interested in ethical issues related to bioinformation, clinical research, and sensitive health data.

Thomas Telving



Thomas Telving holds an MA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark. He is the author of several articles on the ethics of artificial intelligence and robotics and frequently appears as key note speaker on the same topics. In April 2022 his book “Killing Sophia – Consciousness, Empathy, and Reason in the Age of Intelligent Robots” was published by University Press of Southern Denmark.

Piek Visser-Knijff is the owner of Filosofie in actie (since 2011, The Netherlands). She advices private companies, public organisations and government in the ethical use of data. She trains professionals in data-ethics and ethics by design and contributes to privacy-awareness programs. She has a Masters degree in both Philosophy and Argumentation & Rhetorics, University of Amsterdam.

Jesse McCrosky

Twitter: m@ccrosky

Jesse McCrosky has been working with data since 2009.  Currently he consults on data science methods, strategy, and the ethical dimensions of data-driven technology.  He previously worked with Mozilla, Google, and Statistics Canada.  Inspired by his experience in the industry, Jesse’s research focuses on the ethical questions raised by new technologies and understanding the social consequences of their adoption.

Louise Søe


Luise Søe is with a background as IT project and service manager. She has worked with the childrens and teen area implementing SkoleIntra (intranet for schools) and administrative systems. She know the schools in Copenhagen and the educational political agenda since she has also been involved in Skole & Forældre Kbh. – an association of parents of school children – and local commissions. She’s a sharp facilitator and teacher who understands IT from multiple angles. She creates engagement and the necessary digital education.

Anja Elkær


Anja Elkær is driven by enhancing user experiences and business operation through her combination of tech understanding, user insight, and a visionary mindset.  With international outlook she is currently focused on future healthcare solutions, health data innovation and how it can empower older adults with stronger social participation and independent living.  Anja was previously responsible for ensuring value and great user experience in main financial services used by millions in the largest bank in the Nordics.
Anja is MSc (econ) form Copenhagen Business School.

Ida Marie S. Lassen


Ida Marie S. Lassen is a Bachelor student, Philosophy, Supplementary subject in Computer Science, Aarhus University

With the combination of her double bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy she has acquired both a deep and a broad understanding of technology and the use of technology. She likes to think and reflect critically about the way we implement and use technology, and how it affects the humans involved – both directly and indirectly. At the same time she understands the issues and challenges of implementations and know the technical language and have practical experiences as developer.

Julia Sommer


Julia Sommer is cand. Polyt. from Technical University of Denmark. She has previously worked with data integrity and IT compliance in pharmaceutical industry. Currently she works with it-auditing and security breach auditing in the area of personal data protection, also known as GDPR. Her area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and the impact it is having on human interactions and behavior. Her area of passion is cross-field between law, compliance and User Experience Design, which she further explores through Visual Thinking techniques and communication through engagement.

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