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Your Car Data Is Your Data

Car Makers Trying to Make an Effort on Privacy

Car Makers That Don’t Give Individuals Control over Data

Car safety is strictly regulated but car data is not. Imagine a world where all cars collect all kinds of data and share it with third parties, including the drivers heart beat and location and photos of each one of us having been too close to a Tesla. No thanks. Regulation and ethics must be in place when it comes to personal data, and fortunately the German car-makers Porsche has understood this. Hopefully car makers of cheaper cars will follow suit.


  • Who’s Collecting Data From Your Car, The MarkUp, July 2022

Data that can be collected from cars: Your weight (via drivers’ seat), your contacts (if you give access to them via your smart phone), name, address, location (it extremely valuable as it is very accurate and voluminous), insurance details, heart rate, driver fatigue. There are 57 different kinds of data here.

By The MarkUp