Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage

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Data Ethics - The New Competitive Advantage was released October 31 2016. It is written by Gry Hasselbalch and Pernille Tranberg and is supported by Internet Society ( The book describes over 50 cases of mainly private companies working with data ethics to varying degrees

Respect for privacy and the right to control one’s own data are becoming key parameters to gain a competitive edge in today’s business world. Companies, organisations and authorities which view data ethics as a social responsibility, giving it the same importance as environmental awareness and respect for human rights, are tomorrow’s winners. Digital trust is paramount to digital growth and prosperity.
This book combines broad trend analyses with case studies to examine companies which use data ethics to varying degrees. The authors make the case that citizens and consumers are no longer just concerned about a lack of control over their data, but they also have begun to act. In addition, they describe alternative business models, advances in technology and a new European data protection regulation, all of which combine to foster a growing market for data-ethical products and services.
The authors’ critical look at tech trends and the ethical dilemmas intertwined with them is sure to interest responsible key players seeking out the best way to get started with data ethics and how to use it to develop digital trust.
English and Danish editions available.
"It’s a great book, lots of inspiration, good cases and so relevant to the challenges we face today. I’ve used it for GDPR workshops and talks.”

 Tim Clements, Privacy Professional and GDPR advisor. Read his great piece on GDRP here.

 „Data Ethics“ is straightforward with very good arguments, convincing research results and nice examples. And it’s very well written, so that reading is a pleasure. But the most important thing about it is its relevance"

Dr. Tobias Knobloch, Projektleiter "Open Data & Privacy", Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

From the book:

“Privacy by design to me means that we take the position of the privacy aware and concerned customer and we build a way for them to get what they want.”
Matas Petrikas, Vai Kai

”If a company’s concentration and use of data destroys competition, we will need to ensure a level playing field.”
Margrethe Vestager, EU Competition Commissioner

“Now we see the emergence of new companies that take privacy as a starting point.”
Erik Huizer, Internet Hall of Fame

”The only next step for businesses is to move from a liability and compliance mentality to a more ethical approach.”
Robin Wilton, Internet Society

“Investors are increasingly looking at both security breaches, but also consumer privacy with the scandals that have erupted around privacy and surveillance, as what they call in that business ’a material risk’.”
Rebecca MacKinnon, Ranking Digital Rights


Gry Hasselbalch
• ph 0039 35 12 70 55 84 (IT)/0045 29 82 73 74 (DK)

Pernille Tranberg
• ph 0045 22 66 99 32


Hasselbalch, Gry; Tranberg, Pernille, (2016) Data Ethics. The New Competitive Advantage, Publishare, Copenhagen

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