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Whitepaper: Big Data Research Ethics

The Council for Big Data, Ethics and Society has published a whitepaper with recommendations to implement big data research ethics. With the two Danish students from Aarhus University, who released profile data on 70.000 users without permission, in mind this is important input:
  • Ensure ethics regulations of already public existing datasets  focusing on the risks of disclosure of highly personal data when networked with other datasets.
  • Policy makers and leaders in enterprise should seek ways to encourage experimentation around ethics review inside and outside of university settings.
  • Assess ethical implications of a system throughout the entire development and analysis lifecycle. Not only in the end or at the beginning of a process.
  • Create and distribute high quality data ethics case studies that address difficulties faced by data scientists and practitioners
  • Train librarians to achieve and promulgate data science literacy
  • Build models of internal and external ethics regulation bodies in industry

Read all the recommendations and the whitepaper