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Whitepaper: Beyond GDPR Implementation

Whitepaper. Use GDPR to improve data protection strategies, says new whitepaper “Maintaining Data Protection and Privacy Beyond GDPR Implementation” from ISACA, written by Privacy Program Manager Tim Clements. Download it below.

Too many enterprises are treating their GDPR challenge as a one-time event, a project to be completed. Do not make this strategic error. This whitepaper urges enterprises to take a longer view and use GDPR to improve data protection strategies. For businesses with an existing, mature data protection program, GDPR is an opportunity to pivot and re-address strategic objectives around privacy moving forward. For companies looking to build a new data protection program, GDPR is a starting point to inform strategic efforts for future growth. For every enterprise, continuous improvement activities must be supported beyond 25 May 2018.

Copenhagen-based Privacy Program Manager – and friend of Data Ethics – Tim Clements, has helped four corporations based in Denmark with their GDPR challenges since 2015. He recently authored a white paper for the global GRC (governance, risk and compliance) organisation ISACA on the importance of looking beyond GDPR and 25 May when the Regulation becomes enforceable. In the white paper Tim references our book “Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage” as an example of how an ethical-based data protection strategy can help differentiate organisations from their competitors.

Get the report via this link.
Or download it directly here.