Videos/ presentations from meeting 1 in DataEthics

Videos include

  • introduced by Aral Balkan
  • Geneva introduced by Valentijn van der Meijden
  • Blackphone introduced by Kristian Norsgaard Rieper Holm
  • Privacore Brian Schildt introduced by Aral Balkan is a UK company limited by guarantee, which means that we have no share capital, we can’t take equity investment/VC, and we cannot sell out to Google or Facebook if they ever offer us a billion dollars.

We are a tiny social enterprise designing ethical technology that respects human rights, effort, and experience. Whenever we can, we also try to raise awareness of the issues and advise companies, policy makers, and educators through our talks,consulting, and events.

DataEthics – from DataEthics EU on Vimeo.

Aral Balkan introduces the why behind and how we can – and should – protect our privacy at DataEthics.EU metting in March 2016


We’re based in Media Evolution City in Malmö, Sweden. We moved away from the UK and Cameron’s data-grabbing clutches.

Geneva introduced by Valentijn Van der Meijden

Since 2014 Valentijn Vean der Meijden has been active in the privacy space, previously for Blackphone, now VP Sales for a very new global company, Geneva Techonologies. He has studied economics and started his career at KPN, a Dutch Telco provider and held positions in sales, marketing and product management.

Valentijn Vean der Meijden has spent 4 years in the Middle East developing mobile adoption of Blackberry services followed by various managing positions in sales, amongst Director Cybersecurity Europe for Netscout.

Valentijn Vean der Meijden resides in Netherlands.

Blackphone introduced by Kristian Norsgaard Rieper-Holm, GlobalSequr

Kristian is IT-security and privacy expert at Globalsequr. Working with a holistic approach to IT-security and privacy. Experienced business entrepreneur. More than 20 years of experience working with IT.

Kristian is a former professional basketball player. Working with kids as a basketball coach. Mentoring young adults and sponsoring integration projects through basketball with BørnebasketFonden.

DataEthics – GlobalSequr from DataEthics EU on Vimeo.

GlobalSequr introduced on DataEthics Meeting in March 2016

Privacore introduced by Brian Schildt

What are the chances in a lifetime that someone asks you if you want to launch a web search engine? Brian (Privacore, CEO) actually did ask me that. With the blood of an entrepreneur running in my veins it was not hard to decide for a “yes – lets’ do it”.

For almost 20 years I’ve been listening to users, optimising for better digital collaboration and helping people and organisations grow as communities. I am now on a mission to let users take control over their private information when they are online.

As a part of, I am raising awareness of online privacy and – a private European search engine, and related PbD consumer products with privacy build into the core.

DataEthics – Privacore from DataEthics EU on Vimeo.

Privacore is introducing a private, new search engine and browser. At DataEthics.EU meeting in March 2016.

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