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Privacy Over Individual Personalization

Survey. Increasingly consumers are getting sceptical towards the tracking of their personal data online. A new survey from McKinesey/Comscore shows that a majority prefer privacy over personalization. And that many have taken on privacy tools.

Consumers in Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, South Africa and the USA was interviewed for the survey, commissioned by The World Economic Forum and released in January 2017.

Only between 20-30% are okay with the fact that their personal data is collected from eg their browsing habits, analyzed and stored and linked to their identity in order til give them personalized content. The same number is okay that it is done, if it is not linked to their identity. And the rest says NO prefering privacy.

Generally, only 18% of the respondents were comfortable with their personal data and digital footprint information being sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

The numbers also show that more and more, consumers are acting to protect their privacy. E.g. 27% use adblockers, 21% use false profiles on social media and 26% use VPN-services (to encrypt you communication on the go and control your location)

Read the whitepaper here