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September 2023. AI is Not Magic. Voice-Cloning. Error Handling in AI Healthcare Systems. Block Scraping.
November 2022. AI Can Be Too Trusted. Nordic DPA Focus on Child Gaming. Ethical Watch Parties. AI Art Generators
October 2022. Tornado Cash. Metaverse. Tech Teaching. Ex of Privacy Nudging.
August 2022. Chatbot Attachment. Google in Schools is No Go. Model Destruction as Regulation. Cars & Data
March 2022 on Child online safety. Gloomy Future from SXSW. Privacy Nudging. Digital Sovereignty
February 2022 on Farewell Google Analytics. Will Meta’s Metaverse Manipulate us? Data Ethics as Part of CSR
December 2021 on BBC and ethical personalisation. Should we declare Androids? What the EU can learn from Big Tech
November 2021 on Our Common AI Future (free book). Analysis of Personal Data Stores. Metaverse. Dataism.
October 2021 on New Free Book on Individual Data Control. Tech-funded Experts. Basic Attention Tokens. New D-Seal
August 2021 on Big Tech’s Soft Power. YouTube Regrets. Microtargetting is Discriminating. Apples High-Stake Game.
July 2021 on Guide: EU Cloud Solutions. Workplace Surveillance. Data Ethics Labels. Age Verification.
April 2021 on PhD in data ethics. Online games gamble with childrens’ data. Emotion Tech. Social Credit Score update.
March 2021 on Ethics & Human Enhancement/What’s Google’s FLoC/Datafication of Sports/The Patron of EU Journalism
February 2021 on Vaccine Passports – freedom or violations? Are brain implants next? Scaling individual data control.
January 2021 on New Tool for DataEthics Impact Assessments. Engineers on Ethics. Privacy Tech on the Rise
November 2020 on How To End The Infodemic. Data Ethics Helped Sell My Start-up. 4 Alternatives to AdTech
October 2020 on We Can Predict Who Will Need Home Care – Should We? How DPIA & Ethics Go together. DataEthics Forum.
September 2020 on Privacy Tech Is Popular. Bird Drones. Children Not Part of AI Strategies. Monopoly Update
August 2020 on TikTok Just Does What Its US Competitors Have Done For Long, Tool For Trustworthy AI Assessment.
July 2020 on Global advertisers and data ethics. Tiktok. GDPR after two years.’s newsletter has existed since 2016