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Gregoire Marino: Clue

Photo: Andreea M. Belu

Gregoire Marino is the Head of Trust and Safety at Clue, a period – tracking and fertility app.  On the 29th of September, Gregoire spoke at European Data Ethics Forum in Copenhagen. After presenting Clue, he touched on methods of trust building such as offering scientific research – backed facts and adapting Privacy Policy to user-friendly language. 

Clue has more than 5 milion users worldwide and is translated in more than 15 languages. Having the app available to such a great number/variety of users constitutes an effort to solve problems associated with lack of access to contraception methods through the world. Moreover, when Clue was first launched , they were vouched for by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as one of the most secure female health app solution. The reason is simple: competition was not that big because everyone is used to stealing such data.

Gregoire spoke about Clue’s commitment of becoming the number one trusted app for  female health in the world. The way the company goes about building trust is by presenting unbiased facts that come from scientific research. Secondly, he spoke about transparency and compassion. An example of the project’s effort in this respect is the Privacy Policy being written in easy language that requires no prior expertise. Thirdly, in terms of Privacy and Policy, Clue shows how they offer the option for users who choose not to agree with new Privacy Policy updates to take back their data and use the product locally on their own phone.

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