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German Porsche in Front With Privacy Focus in Car Industry

Car safety is strictly regulated but car data is not. Imagine a world where all cars collect all kinds of data and share it with third parties, including the drivers heart beat and location and photos of each one of us having been too close to a Tesla. No thanks. Regulation and ethics must be in place when it comes to personal data, and fortunately the German car-makers Porsche has understood this.

“German car maker Porsche is developing fine-grained privacy settings for its luxury cars as part of a new strategy to expand customers’ trust,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “Porsche now lets drivers stop sharing their personal data with the company altogether, as part of a board-approved departure from how auto-industry rivals treat driver information.”

Despite the fact that it is only Porsche’s luxury cars, hopefully other car makers will follow suit and give the car owners control of their own data and privacy. Do check our new theme page on Car and Data. If you have any knowledge of other car makers focusing on privacy, do let us know at