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Event: The Global AI Race. Geopolitical Dimensions of the AI Race and the European Human-Centric Model

Hosted by the Institute of Future and Innovation Studies at John Cabot University in collaboration with the Festival della Diplomazia.

In recent years, public interest in the ethical implications of AI has increased significantly, as it has the growing consensus around a set of values and principles that should guide their development. Principles of fairness, explainability, transparency, accountability, privacy, security, diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognized as representing core values for the ethical development of human-centric AI. Their implementation however is more complex and faces major challenges, with the biggest challenges being not only technical but also geopolitical, cultural, economic. A global geopolitical race for artificial intelligence is being fought out in the form of national plans designed to guide the local development of the next generation of AI technologies. These national plans show that countries around the world see similar opportunities in artificial intelligence, but also highlight the profoundly different priorities given to these emerging principles in different geopolitical contexts. The national plans stress in particular the importance of preserving and promoting national interests and social, economic and cultural values. These principles than need to be contextualized and legally implemented in different national, social and entrepreneurial realities and priorities. These different interpretation, the competition for business and technical leadership will have profound effects when assessing their contribution to social justice, human rights and fair and open economic development, as well as their contribution to national and international security.

This session will offer an overview and compare the key geopolitical and economic approaches developing around the world with a specific focus on the Socio-Economic dimension and global risks of this race. It will maintain an emphasis on the European approach, and the reflections that this model supports in the evaluation of the social and ethical implications of different forms of AI development.

Paul Nemitz Principal Advisor in the EU Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers
Gry Hasselbalch Co-founder of the thinkdotank
Gabriele Mazzini Legal and Policy Officer at European Commission
Carolina Aguerre Professor of Sociology University of San Andrés
Mathias Vermeulen Public Policy Director at AWO
Stefan Lorenz Sorgner Director and Co-founder of the Beyond Humanism Network
Francesco Grillo Director of the think tank Vision
Enzo Maria Le Fevre Cervini Project Leader, DIGIT, Commissione Europea e Membro del Consiglio di Amministrazione della Fondazione Adriano Olivetti
Kondaine Kaliwo, Chief Information Officer at the Malawi Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (MAIIC).

Moderator: Francesco Lapenta Director of John Cabot University Institute of Future and Innovation Studies

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