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Event: Big Data or Big Bias

By Morten Jastrup

Event. Join Demokratiscenen and DataEthics in a dilemma game on AI, data and machine learning at TechFestival in Copenhagen September 6th.

If you were a cancer patient, what would be most important to you – that your treatment is prescribed by an expert system like IBM’s Dr. Watson or that you can have full insight into and challenge the prescribed therapy? If you were a job applicant, would you rather have your job application treated by an AI-system or face an interview panel?  If you were a parent, would you want an algorithm or a teacher determining how to best advance your child’s education?

AI, big data and machine learning are disruptive technologies promising enormous gains in health care, infrastructure, consumer services etc. But there is no such thing as a free lunch. When decision are guided or made by algorithms we risk facing a number of challenges to some of our most valued principles of transparency, accountability and the right to challenge any decision affecting your life.

Treading the path between the extremes of tech-cheerleaders and technophobes takes the common sense and weighted arguments that only YOU can provide. Through a series of dilemmas, we will engage the audience in deciding how best to use AI, Big Data and Machine Learning in the real life settings where it must prove it´s worth.

The event is part of an effort by a number of civil society and professional organizations to raise awareness of responsible use of AI as an opportunity for society and business both.

Organizer: Democracy Stage
Partners: DataEthics m.fl.

Date and place: Wednesday September 6, 17:00-19:00 at Rysensteen Gymnasium, Aulaen

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