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Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage

Privacy and the individual’s right to control own data is becoming a competitive advantage and the right thing to do. Ethical handling of personal data is developing into a strategic advantage and a social responsibility just as it is being green today. Betting on data ethics can enhance digital trust and even provide a company or organisation with more data and valid, updated data. With this talk you will understand how the data age is changing our societies and democracies for better and for worse. You’ll understand what data ethics and what is compliance, e.g. concerning GDPR. You’ll get an overview of consumer trends when it comes to personal data, and how consumers not only worry about their lack of privacy, but also act on the worry. You’ll hear ethical dilemmas concerning artifical intelligence (AI). And not least you’ll hear a range of concrete examples on products and practises that are best cases within data ethics and privacy tech.

Understanding the Data Age & Digital Self-Defense

Understand big data, artificial intelligence and the data society we recently moved into and are living in right now. There are lots of advantages. But unless you do something actively, you are constantly tracked and surveilled and you risk becoming vulnerable and a target for manipulation, discrimination, price differentiation or even exclusion. When something is free or very cheap, you are the product. This talk will give you an idea about what to be aware of in your digital behavior, and how to try and take control of your digital footprints and digital identity. You will get a range of digital self defense tools to take control.

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