is a politically independent ThinkDoTank based in Denmark with a European outreach. We work to promote data ethical products and services, and our approach is constructive and action-oriented.  Read more about background and values

Join our conference,  European Data Ethics Forum 29th Sept 2017 and hear 8 role models tell about their approach to data ethics and meet 4 experts within data ethics, AI, GDPR, RTBF, consumer trends and what happens when you give your customers control over their own data.

We support knowledge exchange and creation and cooperation on a sustainable and data ethical future with individual user control at the centre. Meet the team

Book on Data Ethics

bogdelData Ethics - the New Competitive Advantage with over 50 company cases


Event: Big Data or Big Bias

By Morten Jastrup Event. Join Demokratiscenen and DataEthics in a dilemma game on AI, data and machine learning at TechFestival in Copenhagen September 6th. If you were a cancer patient, what would be most important to you – that your … Read More


Addressing Data Ethics in Designing AI

We ask artificially intelligent systems to make order in our messy modern realities, but rarely do we question what type of order. This is a call for an historical awareness of the social systems we are building: Which social, cultural norms, values and interests do they represent, reinforce and enact?


European Data Ethics Forum 2017

 How to track location and not be creepy. What happens when a company gives its customers control over their own data. What’s the status of the privacy-conscious consumers?  And how the heck do we deal with ethics in artificial intelligence. Meet companies who practice data ethics and experts who can help you get answers on how to and why.

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