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DataEthics Principles to Safeguard The Autonomy of Humans

Who should be the most autonomous. Cars? Chat bots? AI based doctors? Or Humans? Humans, of course, and if we aim to keep humans behind the wheel, we need data ethical considerations on top of our privacy policies. But what is data ethic? How do we start working with data ethics? This is not a strict science, but based on formulated and defined data ethic principles, the thinkdotank have included a long list of questions that companies, organizations and authorities must consider and address when initiating this very crucial and important work on using personal data with a sustainable and ethical approach.

“The term ‘autonomy’ stems from philosophy and refers to the capacity of human persons to legislate for themselves, to formulate, think and choose norms, rules and laws for themselves to follow. It encompasses the right to be free to set one’s own standards and choose one’s  own goals and purposes in life.”

Source: Statement on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systemts, EGE. 

This statement plays a central in all ethics discussions in this digital data age. Tech companies might call cars and robotic services for autonomy, but it is humans who first and foremost should be autonomous.

One way of keeping humans autonomous is with individual data control. Decisions about use of data related to the individual should be in this person’s hands, with full transparency and with firm guidelines to ensure the protection of the individual in all aspects of the use of his or her personal data. A data ethical approach is more than just compliance with regulation. A data ethical approach is focused on values and core human principles.

Setting the compass with data ethics guidelines is one step in that direction.

It is our believe that there are 5 main principles.






Do read through them. Spread them to everybody you know who might be interested. Join us in the very important discussion on data ethic, share your views and get inspired at our International DataEthics Forum 2018

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