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DataEthics provides critical independent research input to policy and business development. We are developing our evidence and research base. The objective of DataEthics Research is to conduct and publish interdisciplinary constructive research with a trans-technical and sectoral focus on data technology and practices. This includes identifying, engaging and collaborating with key academic and research actors in the field. Our research and evidence will constitute a comprehensive framework that can be adapted and implemented and shared as a model for other organizations working with data ethics.

Currently DataEthics is exploring:

  • The conceptualisation of data, ethics and power
  • Sustainability issues of the data of AI
  • Data ethics in public procurement of AI
  • A framework for the requirements of a new Danish legal provision on annual data ethics reporting for large companies.

Contact DataEthics’ Director of Research Gry Hasselbalch:

What is ‘data ethics’?

There are a range of theories, practices and methods within applied ethics, legal studies and cultural studies, social and political sciences, as well as a movement within policy, civil society organisations and even the industry that are, and have been for a long time, shaping what we today refer to as “data ethics”.
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DataEthics’ is Dissemination Partner in the Data Pollution & Power Initiative at the Bonn University’s Sustainable AI Lab

New research article: A Framework for a Data Interest Analysis

Watch the ‘Data Ethics of Power’ defence here by co-founder Gry Hasselbalch.

Read’s white paper on data ethics in public procurement of AI funded by the Luminate Group.

Participate in the DG GROW webinar on public procurement of AI moderated by co-founder and co-author of the white paper Birgitte Kofod Olsen 25th of June 2021

Good Reads

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Director of Research Gry Hasselbalch: