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  • TechChrunch: Privacy is Still Alive and Kicking in The Digital Age. 25th December, 2016
  • IAPP: 29 November 2016. Review.’Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage’ an urgent yet hopeful plunge into getting information use right: ““Data Ethics,” however, pulled me in immediately, proving resolutely that there was much, much more that I had to learn about big data…..But if their research shows anything, it’s that getting it right is possible, and that this current confusion regarding how to handle big data ethically may just be a symptom of another Industrial Revolution. While the responsibility is scary, it’s also exciting, and we’re here to shoulder it. Thanks to “Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage,” it feels less of a burden.”

  • Futuribles. 19th December 2016. Review. “In conclusion, Data Ethics offers a very valuable contribution in a phase where the personal data economy is booming, leaving the customers with a lot of question on trustworthiness… Gry Hasselbach and Pernille Tranberg have done a very broad exploration of how organisations test different options to be transparent and fair in their way to deal with data. Sharing a large variety of examples, they offer the possibility to developers, philosophers, regulators, computer scientists, but also customers, citizens, and beyond to ask themselves the right questions on who controls the data, what type of value is created with their data, how the data can be shared, etc.”

  • Privacy Law & Business, December 2016, International issue page 31: “Data-driven business models mean that we, as consumers, need to be more aware. But is privacy only a thing for the elite the authors ask? This and many more fascinating questions make this book a very interesting read and hopefully it will feed into work that is done on data ethics currently, for example at the European Data Protection Supervisor.” Read the rest below.
  • BlogIs Personal Data Ethics The New Environmental Concern? Yes it is. 23rd November 2016
  • OpenDemocracy: The free space for data monopolies in Europe is shrinking, 1st December 2016
  • CognitionX 22nd November 2016
  • TechChrunch: DataEthics – the new competitive advantage, 13th November 2016
  • New Book on DataEthics 29th October 2016
  • Dailydot:Privacy is creating a new digital divide between the rich and poor, October 23 2016, Op ed.
  • Whats the cost to privacy in our connected lives? Al Jazeera Inside Story, 2.3.2017
  • Al Jazeera: How Will Virtual Reality Change Our Lives? Inside Story, October 13th 2016. Gry Hasselbalch, co-founder of and author of ‘Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage together with Pernille Tranbergbookreviewprivacybusiness