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European AI & Data Ethics Forum 2020

European AI and Data Ethics Forum 2020 is over and went really well. If you paid for the conference you can revisit it all and if you want to pay €40 then you get full access to all talks and dates.

Get an appetizer from the conference and listen to Finn Myrstad from the consumer council in Norway on how we are deceived to give away our data:

Some pictures from the conference:

Blended conference. Participating both onsite and online. Photo: Mathilde Bredal With



PROGRAM – No AI without Data. No Data without Ethics

DAY 1: 21st October 12-17.30 (plus optional dinner)
Keynote: The Global AI Race – geopolitical dimensions of the AI race and the human-centric model. Francesco Lapenta, Director of the Institute of Future and Innovation Studies at John Cabot University
Keynote: AI transparency and public algorithm registers. Meeri Haataja, CEO and founder of Saidot.
Cases&Debate: Next Gen ChatbotsStephen Alstrup, Superviz and Michael Birkebæk Jensen, KMPG
Talk&Reflections: AI/ML in Practise. Daniel Safai, Datamaga. Dan Rose, Paperflow. Ulrik Korsholm DMI. Jesper Schleimann, SAP and Sasmita Kusumastuti, assistant professor at Copenhagen University.
Keynote: Sharmila Chockalingam, Unity Technologies

DAY 2: 22nd October 8.30-14.00
Keynote: DataEthics is The New GreenVera Heitmann, IKEA
Keynote: The Rise of Ethics in AdvertisingJamie Barnard, Unilever and World Federation of Advertisers
Cases&Debate: AI for the Sake of the Children. Three cases and discussion. Bo Rasmussen, Gladsaxe Municipality. Björn Preuss, Norrtälja Municipality, Thomas Nørmark, Itelligence, Piek Visser-Knijff, data ethicist
Cases&Debate: Data Ethics as a Competitive Advantage. Three cases and discussion. Kenneth Herschel, Viggo, Caspar Engelshart-Sabinsky, Nuuday (TDC) and Marija Puselja, Nextcloud.
Keynote: The Relentless Data Watch DogFinn Lützow-Holm Myrstad, Forbrukerrådet Norway
Talk: Best cases after Hackathon for Engineers. Inese Podgaiska, Nordi Engineers

Plus a lot of networking in between and after
Detailed program
Practical info, all speakers

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PRICE for both days
Onsite + dinner: 3000 DKR/400€
Online: 1250DKR/160€
Onsite – dinner: 2500DKR/350€
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Hashtag #NoDataWithoutEthics

DIT Medlemshus (The Danish IT Society)
Vermundsgade 38C
2100 Copenhagen